The Crazy,Stupid,Love Story

The Crazy,Stupid,Love Story is about a girl Named Adilene Ortiz and a guy named Zayn Malik who fall in love, but Adilene is afraid to fall inlove With Zayn because Zayn has a girlfriend named Perrie Edwards and Adilene has a boyfriend named Andrew Gonzalez.
Zayn wants Adilene but he has Perrie and both Adilene and Zayn Dont know what to do will they end up together? well lets find out.


4. Breaking up with Him

When i saw the person driving the Van it wasnt Andrew. It was My older sister and my cousin. They were laughing. Adilene:"you dumbo's why did you do that you scared the heck out of me." Miceala:"hahaha i dont know." Fernando:" We Just wanted to mess with you." Adilene:" Well can you take me back i was talking to one of my friends." Miceala:"ok fine." Fernando hands me a envelope. Adilene:" Whats this?"Fernando:"Just read it." they drove off i walked inside. Every one comes to me in a hurry. Zayn:"Adilene there you are" Eleanor:" We been Worried sick about you." Rebecca And Danielle:" Were Where You?" Adilene: "Well it Turned out that my sister and my cousin kidd napped me But im alright they gave me this to look at." Liam:"open it." I look at everyone they were waiting for me to open it. I open it and i See Andrew With Different type of girls in each Picture kissing. I start Crying i grab the picture and ran to his work. i could hear Everyone running After me. I got to his work it was around the corner. i walked in the elevator. when i got To the 6th floor i walked to Andrew's office. I throw the pictures at him. Adilene:"IS THERE SOMETHING YOU HAVE TO TELL ME, ANDREW!" Andrew grabbed the pictures and then comes and tries hugging me. Andrew:" I am Sorry."Adilene:"LET GO OF ME, ITS OVER ANDREW EVERYTHING,DONT-DONT CALL ME EVER AGAIN!" Andrew comes after me. Andrew:" Come on stay with me." I grab his arm and throw it. Andrew: "bitch."  I turn Around and i slap him. Adilene:"Your the bitch."i walk to the door and i see Zayn,Liam,Louis,Harry,Niall, Danielle,Rebecca,and Eleanor standing in shock. Adilene: "lets go." I here every one walk behind me. i go the 5th floor. Zayn: "why are we on the fifth floor?" Adilene: "You'll see." i walk to the first office. Miranda: " hi Adilene." i slap Miranda. then Zayn holds me back while i yell at her. Adilene:"HOW COULD YOU, I TRUSTED YOU I WAS THERE WHEN YOU NEEDED ME THE MOST AND YOU JUST COME AND DECIDE TO BE WITH HIM." Miranda:"I DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT." Adilene:"YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. LETS GO GUYS."  We All head back to the club. 

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