Forever Is All That We Need

Adrienne and Christian have been best friends since they were in diapers but Adrienne's family moved to Florida for a job transfer. The moms plan a surprise vacation for the two family-friends to reunite, But Adrienne and Christian fall in love.

~Forever Is All That We Need <3


1. The News

   "When do you think you'll be back?" he said disappointing. "I don't actually know." I didn't want to leave my best friend in the whole wold. I grabbed Christian's hand, "Christian, you're my best friend, best friend for life. I don't know what I'm going to do with out you."  I could taste the salty tears rolling down my cheek. I tired to run but my father picked me up and put me in our packed car, full of boxes that held mine and Christian's memories...

   5 years later

    Today was the first day of summer break, tonight I was determined to have fun. Instead of a normal Friday night by staying home, I wanted to celebrate with my friends the first day of summer break.  I drove home faster than I thought, because in a blink of a eye I was in my driveway. The clumsy me tripped when I ran up the stairs to get ready, but when I stopped I noticed something different. My mom was here. She never gets here until 7:00 . It was early for her, and she wasn't here for a break. She was packing a small bag of make up. The other side of her was a full suitcase of clothing. 


 "Mom, are you going on another business trip?" 

 "Not this time," My mother said in a panic voice, kind of like when she needed to get something done.

 "Where are you going, then?" I was confused, because I looked into her suitcase. There was nothing but summer clothes.

 "Where am I going? Honey, We are all going. Our family needs a vacation. I was going to surprise, but you got home a little early than I would've expected. Your father, and I talked to Sandi, and decided that we all want to go to Hawaii."

I was shocked by the news. I didn't know If I was shocked about meeting christian. Who I haven't seen in 5 years, or  if I even wanted to go to Hawaii.  

"Mom, I had plans with Karlee and my friends tonight. I even told you!" I defiantly didn't want to have a dumb family vacation. Specially because all my family does is embarrass me. I remember last year, We went on this cruise, and I saw this really cute boy. My dad happen to run over to me trying to put the whole bottle of sunscreen on. Something bad always happens to me and I cant stand it!

"Sorry Adrienne, But I already have your plane ticket. And I've planned this for a while, I just didn't want you to know because I wanted you and Christian to see each other again! Just please, corporate with me"

"Fine" I didn't want to dissapoint my mother, so It was best for me to go. Plus, In some way I wanted to see Christian, my best friend in the whole wide world. I'll always remember our promise, and In some way I was blushing at the thought of me seeing him again...

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