Snow Fall

This is about Grace and Aisha Vanille, two sisters following their dreams as musicians by going on the X- Factor, and on their journey they meet One Direction. PLEASE READ!!!


1. Introductions

Grace's POV

Hey, I'm Grace Vanille and I have a twin sister named Aisha. Not only are we sisters, we are best friends too. We were born in a small town and a small family. Our dad died when we were 15. Our mom is sorta poor. It is sad, but we'll made it work when we go on the X-Factor when we turn 16 in 2 weeks. I have to go now. I think Aisha will rap it up for me... BYE :)


Aisha's POV

Hi there!!!! My name is Aisha Vanille (my last name makes me hungry because it sounds like vanilla, which is a dessert, which is food. and I LIKE FOOD!! dats right!!!) Anyways, as Grace told you, we are twins and we are going on the X-Factor in 2 weeks when we turn 16. I've got to go. I'm hungry... although, I'm always bye my fellow potato lovers O_o


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