meeting the band

This story is about a girl name skyla styles she has a older borther name harry styles. harry is verry protective of his sister. but what happens when sky starts flling for one of his band mebers?


5. chapthe5


me and harry whent back down and all the boys where down here now. we all whent to the van and got in louis was driving niall in the pasener seat, be hind louis was zayn and besied him was harry then liam then me and we stared driving to the beach. ~ SKIP THE CAR RIDE~ when we got there the boys and i found a spot where the fans  whould not fine us. we set up our stuf and i put a towle on the sand and took of my t shirt and shouts and put my sun glass on and layed down. all  the boys where downe by the water but liam stayed and layed down next to me. you know you can got downe there with the boys if you want i said looking at him. i know but i want to stay with you he said and kissed me the kiss got faster and more pashenent liam picked me up i was sietting on his lap and we nevier brok the kiss he stared messing with the back of my swime suit. i pulled a awy from the kiss and said not right now ..... maye be later i said to him your a tise he said. we got up and whent down to where the boys where. we got in the water and where splasing echother. afther about 2 hours we whent back to the van and drov home ~SKIP THE CAR RIDE~. when we got there the boys ecsept for liam whent to get ready theyy where going clubing afther thay where done they looked at us and asked if we where sure we did not want to go. yes whereshe i want to spen some time with sky liam said ok they said and left.


Afther the boys left me and sky where watching toy story sky looked at me looked at her i closed the gap betwin us and we kissed the kiss got more faster and more pasenet sky warptied her legs around me and we keeped on kissing.i picked her up still kissing her and cared her to our room layed  on the bed and sky was on top of me she was kissing me all the way down to the line of my swimming sohts she pulled on them and pulled them off. i took off her swimm suit top and bork the kiss and looked at her and said are you sure you want to do this. yes im sure she saide and kissed me i put my hands on top of  her swmming botems and pulled them off slowly sky moned will still kissing me the kiss stared gettin fasterr and faster i rubed my hand a long her thiey and she moned. then with out herknowingi put one finger up her she mond loude then i put two she mond really loued and let out a little scream. i added one more and she scream i puld my fingers. i rubed my crouch agents her and she moned in my ear stop teising. i kissed her all the way down and keep kissing on her lips and with out her knowing i pushed my slef in to her. she mond then i stared going in and out of her. OMG liam your hug she screamed i stared going faster . OHHHH......MYYYYYYYY. ......GOOOOD.she said  o whent faster LIAM IM.... IM .....COMMING she screamed . then at the same time we came i puled my slfe out of her a layed besied her. thanks she sid. then we fall a sleep.

SKLAS POVE ~5 days later~

i got up and ran to the bathroom to trow up.( i have not been felling good the past 5 days) liam came next to me a rubed my back. i got up and rensed out my mouth. whats to days date i asked liam the 12 why and how long has it been sence we you know.  about 5 days he said back. oh no i said geting woried. whats worng liam asked my pirod is 3 days late and it is never late i said. liam i think im pregnet i said. we both looked at echother can you take me to go get a pregnets test i said. he node and he got his keys and we drov to the store. when we got pack i got 3 test and whent to the bath room i waited a few mints the i looked at them LIAM! i yalled a to him he came in and looked at me liam im pregent i said showing him the teast. he looked at me with a shocked face. i huged he and he huged me back i cryed becaues i was happy. why are you crying he asked woried becaus im happy i said he smailed at me and i saimled back. then my smail truned in to a worried look liam how are we going to tell harry and the boys? i said worried.

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