meeting the band

This story is about a girl name skyla styles she has a older borther name harry styles. harry is verry protective of his sister. but what happens when sky starts flling for one of his band mebers?


7. chapter7

SKYLAS POV * 9 months latter*

i'm 9 months pregnet and have allready told harry and the rest of the guys * flash back* harry i have something i need to tell you. i saied will going in to his room. sure what is? he asked i don't know how to tell you this but.... i'm pregnet.... harry did not say anthing but just looked at with a blank look. how far are you he siad and looked at me. about a month i said. then he walk out of the room nd into where liam was. i could here them taklking nd shouting the they stoped and hrry walked out befor he colesd the door he trund to liam and said you better take care of her liam and walked out. harry told the rested of the boys all of them where happy for us but i could tell zayn wasent to happy with liam* end of flash back* we found out we where haveing twins a boy and a girl. so what are we nameing them? asked liam for the girl i like the name bella and for the boy i like the name zack. ok how dose this sound bella rose payne and zack jaimes panye he said. i love it i said back to him. you know the babbys can come at any thime i said to him. yes i know he said. i just hope im a good mother i said . you will be an amyazing mother liam said back. just like you will be a an amyzing dad i said back to him and we fell a sleep. around 12 at night i stared geting bad cramps and not felling well. i taped on liam and he work up. i dont fell so well i said to him and i got anther cramp and heldd my side. i think we should take you to the holspitle he said and i noded my headed. liam got harry and we stared driveing to the hospitle just then somthing wet ran down my leg and i looked at liam and said the babbys are coming! we got to the hospitle and liam told the nuse that i was haveing the babbys and she rushed me to a room.


at 2:01 in the mornig zack jaimes payne was born and at 2:02 bella rose payne was born. liam was holding bella and i was holding zack. she looks just like you he said. and he looks just like you i said back. then harry came back with louis, zayn and niall. can i hold bella? harry asked liam and gavie bella to harry can i houd zack? louis asked me i gave zack to louis i watched as they all held me and liams kids. then the boys left and the nuse came in and said i could go home when im ready. we put bella and zack in ther car seats and liam looked at me and puled out a box and got one one knee and said skyla marie styles will you marrye me? yes! i saide and huged him.

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