I'll Give You The Moon

This is my first published fan fiction .. Ahhh scary... Well this story is about Blair and Harry Styles. This is their love story through the good and bad explained from Blair herself. She shows all the things that happen to the two while dating and on! Hope you like it :)


5. The Sob Story

"Well when I was 16 my friends and I went to a party where we knew boos would be. We were in high school and wanted to fit in so we thought this would be perfect. Well one thing led to another, I can't tell you how many drinks went through my hand," I said looking at my free still feeling the alcohol from two years ago, "That was the day my life went down hill. I went from straight A student, star basketball player, and dream child to someone who did nothing but get drunk and when I wasn't drunk I simply wondered when I could get drunk next. I hid it from my parents for a long while till one day my dog had stolen a Jack Daniel's bottle wrapper off my floor and took it to my mom. She freaked out on me and started questioning me. At the time I'd been drinking for 7 months. I played it off well I guess," I joked trying to make it less akward but he said nothing as if telling me to go on. 

"I didn't listen to anything my parents said. I quite basketball, gave uo on school and moved in with my 23 year old boyfriend/supplier. His name was Alec and he was the worst decision I ever made. We were both angery and agressive drunks so this always ended in physical altercations. I lost of course. Now skipping ahead it's been a little more than a year, April 24 of last year to be exact, and everything changed. I had been drunk and Alec and I had gotten in one of our very man physical fights. At this time I had become a skelton at 115 pounds, lost a lot of hair, and had the most disgusting beer belly you've ever seen. He had told me our relationship was over and he had a new girl. This ment I needed to move out. I refused so to teach me some respect he punched me a few times. Then kicked me once I was on the ground. He left me there in the rain to die I'm assuming. I really wanted to anyway so it made no difference. I passed out and woke up in a house I knew all to well. I hadn't seen it in months though. My parents forgave me immediately but I had some new rules to live by. I had to go to AA, rejoin basketball, get my flunking grades to at least C's by the end of the school year and start going to church again. I'm not trying to turn this into my testimony to God or anything but one day he slapped me in the back of the head and told me to wake up. I turned my life around and now I graduated in the top 75 of my class with a full ride scholarship to Azusa Pacific University where I will be studing to become a high school teacher and a youth minister. It's been a year and a half since I've been around alcohol or even seen it. I just don't trust myself. I don't think I ever will truely be able to. Wes played a big part too. He promised me that if I got all A's my senior year he'd pay the other expensses of going on a road trip with Izzy and Belle last month, then these tickets all for my birthday. He, along with my family and friends, saved me from myself. I can never repay them." I got quiet and then looked up at Harry who was still holding my hand but leaning back in the couch staring straight ahead.

"The end. That's my story." I joked. He slowly turned his head to look at me. 

"I'm sorry," he began.

"For what," I said confused about how he ment that to be implied.

"That, that happened to you. That I brought you here. That I don't know what else to say besides I think you're my hero."

I smiled tracing his fingers that were in twined with mine.

"First off don't be. It was a journey I had to get through to get to whe-" Harry leaned in and kissed me. I didn't pull away but I didn't expect it that's for sure. I put my hands on his face before he pulled away.

"I'm sorry for that too," he whispered with our foreheads pressed against each other.

"Come on," he said taking my hand with a smile leading me outside.

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