I'll Give You The Moon

This is my first published fan fiction .. Ahhh scary... Well this story is about Blair and Harry Styles. This is their love story through the good and bad explained from Blair herself. She shows all the things that happen to the two while dating and on! Hope you like it :)


6. Nursery Rhymes

I looked at my phone to see it was 4:15. How long had we been in there? How did we not notice that the music had stopped and that the noice of guests had disapeared as well. There were 0 people in the flat now. Trash everywhere. Bottles and cups littered the ground. There were 6 familiar figures sitting on a couch that was on a raised part of the floor in front of us. Each was smiling at us and was holding a capped water bottle. I know it sounds wierd but to an ex-alcoholic that is the sweetest thing a friend can do for you at a party like this one had been. That means they support you. I was still crying a little silently so I guess that's why the seven of them put me in the middle of a huge group hug.

"Better?" Belle asked wipping a tear from my cheek.

"Loads," I smiled, "How long has the party been over?" I asked gesturing around the trashed room.

"About 2 we said the party was over," Zayn started.

"Then it took about an hour to get everyone out," Louis continued.

"So we ordered takeout after the last guest left," Liam smiled pointing to the table.

"We ate without you... BUT! We saved your dinner! It was hard to do. Not going to lie," Niall complained. I leaned into Harry wrapping my arms around his torso while he put both arms around my shoulders. We all stood there laughing at Niall till the I Harry and I went to go eat.


The boys let us sleep in their guest room. Before we left around 2 the next day, we made plans for dinner for all 8 of us. The boys explained the "game plan" on how to get us out and how to meet at the resturant without paparazzi seeing us together. During all this Harry and I stepped out to the balcony.

"I'm sorry I dumped all of that onto you last night. I tried to make it as short and not super detailed as possible," I said rather embarassed.

"Please don't be. Thank you for being willing to open us to me," he smiled.

"Well I have to admit that, that was th first time I've told someone my obnoxious sob story and only knowing them for less than 24 hours!" It got that creepy quiet that Harry enjoys I guess.

"Blair, I have a question for you." I nodded for him to go on.

"Can we hangout just you and me before we leave again?"

"Mr. Styles are you asking me on a date?" I inquired.

"Well Ms. Bolton it certainly looks like it doesn't it?" He said laughing and going into a random bow.

"Well shucks. I suppose I can't say no to that face," I said laughing along then joining him with a curtsy and my fungure under my chin. We both stood up looking at each other while our laughing slowly stopped. Just when I thought we were going to kiss again Niall and Louis through open the door screaming.

"Blair and Harry sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love! Then comes marriage! Then comes a baby in a baby carriage!" They slamed the door shut and pulled the curtains shut.

We both stood looking at the closed blinds before facing each other again. We simply busted out laughing! Just when I thought I was going to fall over laughing so hard Harry kissed me. One thing about Harry Styles that bugs me is that he doesn't let me finish what I am doing before kissing me...

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