I'll Give You The Moon

This is my first published fan fiction .. Ahhh scary... Well this story is about Blair and Harry Styles. This is their love story through the good and bad explained from Blair herself. She shows all the things that happen to the two while dating and on! Hope you like it :)


2. Mean Girls For Days?

We snuck out of the suite and wondered around backstage for a long while before we heard a, 

"PSSST! Girls!"

We turned around to see Niall waving us over to a door we just passed. the boys pulled us into the room and shut the door before someone saw.

"What are you girls up to? Messing things up?" Louis joked.

"Oh totally! We love to destroy boy band's concert stuff! It's a California thing I guess," Belle played along.

"What are your plans after the show loves?" Harry asked.

"Well Wes was going to take us to dinner before we headed home," I replied.

"What?! No! We need to go crazy and have a party!" Niall shouted.

"It's our last show in LA and we have a 4 day holiday before we leave again," Liam put in.

"Are you girls up for a party later tonight? It will be huge and of course have drinks, music, and dancing," Zayn added.

"Oh that's so nice of you but-"

"We'd love to!" Izzy cut me off. Dear God what did she just get us into.

"Great! So we will get you girls here after the show?" Harry asked looking at me.

"Looks like it to me," I sighed. We said goodbye again then went off down the hallway again.

"Blair what the heck is wrong with you?"

"Look guys these parties get really crazy and there is always drinks! I don't want to be forced into that! You two can go!" I was really ticked.

"Blair look we're sorry that we just pushed you into that. We forget sometimes about that problem," Belle started.

"At least someone has," I grunted.

Belle groaned, "Why aren't you fan girling like you were in the limo? You LOVE this band and Izzy and I are more crazy than you!"

"I know this is going to sound weird but I feel like I've known them for a really long time so it feels like I'm talking and making plans with one of you guys. It just doesn't feel like a big deal, that's all," I sighed.

"Blair stop being a goody two-shoes for one night! You are going to college for heavens sake! Learn to trust yourself again!" Izzy had a point. But no.

"Iz please. You know me and that party is just not me right now."

"You don't have to drink! Just come please!"

"The last time we said that need not be brought back up again does it?"

It got quiet.

"See. No. Plus these are some of Wes' clients! I can't even chance messing this up! I'm sorry guys, really I am."


The girls moped back to the suite while I went back to the boys' room to tell them about the news. I knocked on the door.

"Who is it?"

"Blair Bolton," I yelled to the door. I heard wrestling and whispers then a door shut before the door infront of me was opened. Harry looked at me with those eyes and a grin that spread onto my face.

"Hey! Come on in!" He said. No one else was in the room which was funny since i heard them all mumbling before I knocked.

"Where did the guys go?" I joked.

"Uh.. Um.. Makeup! Ya!"

"You didn't go with them?"

"I'm later. I'm so good looking it doesn't take as long to beautify me," we both laughed.

"So I need to give you some bad news about the party," I said with a cartoonish frown.

Talking to Harry felt like we had been friends since forever and I could joke with him all the time and tell him anything.

"Oh no. What is it?"

"Well you see we can't go. Well I can't." He looked puzzled.

"It's a long drawn out story."

"I have time," he said still puzzled.

"Another time Mr. Styles," I laughed, "Now go get more beautiful for all of us fans!" He looked weird still.

"Harry? What's wrong?"

"What?" He jolted out of his daydream. 

"Oh sorry. Nothing. Are you sure you can't come? Even for 20 minutes? Please, Blair come." I looked up from playing with my handds. His eyes putting me into a trance. 

After a go 20 seconds of akward silence, "You win. I don't know if I've lost my mind or if my fangirling made me word vomit..." I giggled at my own joke.

"Well I see you live the mean girls life," he laughed pointing at my shirt. I looked down to see it was pink. It was WEDNESDAY August 7...

"Well you see Wes said I couldn't sit with you unless I followed the rules! We couldn't have that now could we?"

"That was great," he grinned, "Ok well I really should go but please please please stay after and the boys and I will go and take you 3 with us," he came over and gave me a hug. How was I not fangirling like my worst nightmares predicted I would, I have no clue! Once Harry really did leave I dropped to the couch with my face in my hands. I was just wondering how I would hold myself at this party.

"What are you doing Blair," I whispered.



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