I'll Give You The Moon

This is my first published fan fiction .. Ahhh scary... Well this story is about Blair and Harry Styles. This is their love story through the good and bad explained from Blair herself. She shows all the things that happen to the two while dating and on! Hope you like it :)


1. Going to the Ball

"Blair I'm here! Love I made it! Everything is going to go perfectly!" Harry yelled while getting a smock and hairnet on.

"Oh thank God! Harry I'm in so much pain! Make it stop!" I cried.

"Shh love I'm here, mum is here, dad and the others are in the lobby! Darling please, breath." He was now on my left side holding my hand, his other hand on my lower back and his face to mine.

"Blair. Honey look at me," he insisted. I looked into those eyes, "I love you."

I laughed through my tears and managed to yell out, "Harry Styles you're my one and only love!"




It was a beautiful sunny California summer day August 7, 2013 or the day I mey my boy band obsession.

All I can say is I have the best cousin inthe world! No joke! Wes was one of the L.A. managers for the boys. He, for my 18th birthday, got me backstage passes to the Take Me Home tour! So of course that whole day I was being a totally perfect 18 year old... Well no... I was fangirling like no other!

I dragged my two best friends, Izzy and Belle, with me tonight even though they didn't love One Direction the way I do. These two girls are the best friends in the world. They have been putting up with this obsession for almost 2 full years now...

"Blair chill please!" My beautiful brunette, blue eyed friend Izzy whined mockingly.

"Ya B seriously these guys are as human as you and I!" My other best friend teased. Belle was Native American and looked like a living Pocahontas. It wasn't fair.

"Guys can you believe this though?!" I yelled with my blond hair clutched between my fingers.

We finally got to the Staples Center in the limo Wes had sent to pick us up. As soon as we stepped out of the limo nonstop flashing began. I could not stop laughing thinking they really thought we were famous till I looked up to see who was smiling at the girls and I.

"Blair, " both girls said jaws dropped a little.

"Hey I am assuming you're Blair," Niall laughted coming over giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek before doing the same to the girls. The other 3 came and introduced themselves in the same fashion. After Liam lead us inside the backstage doors.

"Well you're Wes' cousin huh?" Louis joked.

"Who knew Wes could have such a beautiful cousin or relation for that," Zayn said winking at me.

"Zayn that hurts..." I turned around to see Wes behind me with his hands on his heart acting like he was crying.

I ran over and gave him the biggest hug. Wes was my mom's age so he was more like an uncle. He had been touring for months and I had missed him so much without realizing it. When we finally let go I looked over his shoulder to see Harry Styles ... how did I not realize he hadn't been outside? His mouth was dropped open a little just staring at me. Wes went over and lightly slapped the back of Harry's head before we all started laughing.

"What do you think you are doing Styles? This girl is like my daughter and this is what you do?"

He shook his head as if to clear it before looking at Wes with the most amazing grin, dimples and all.

"Sorry mate! Honest! But how can this beautiful girl be even in your gene pool?"

"Short end of the stick I suppose," Wes chucked, "Ok but really boys you need to start getting ready! Now go now! Ladies follow me!" We hugged the boys goodbye and followed Wes to a suite he had for us to chill in before the show.

"Wes you are amazing. Really how can I ever thank you enough?" I sighed.

"Darling you only turn 18 once! Plus a deal is deal!" He winked. He explained that he had to go and to relax in there till someone comes to get us for the concert. We sat in silence for a few seconds.

"So Harry's in love with Blair," Izzy blurts out.

"Shut your mouth," I laughed throwing a pillow at her.

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