I'll Give You The Moon

This is my first published fan fiction .. Ahhh scary... Well this story is about Blair and Harry Styles. This is their love story through the good and bad explained from Blair herself. She shows all the things that happen to the two while dating and on! Hope you like it :)


7. Dinner And A Game

Once we got back to our little studio apartment around 6:30 we immediatly started getting ready. Once out of the shower I looked at myself in the mirror, my hair dripping, and then at that supid red mark on my face that caught my eye.

"Stop looking at it B," Izzy said coming in to dry her hair.

"It always gets so red after I shower. You'd think after a year and a half it would stop," I said rubbing it as if that would make it go way forever. The scar I was talking about started from my hairline on the left side of my head and went down to the middle of my eyebrow at an angle. This was my little reminder (for the rest of my life I guess) on how awful things were and how I turned my life around for the better, but I was still really aggravating to have right on my face.

"Well that was 13 stitches so I don't think it will go away," she said looking down.

"I know, I know," I said turning away to walk into my room to get changed.


I decided on dark jeans, black ballarina flats and a sweetheart strapless shirt in baby blue.

"Chow! Geez Blair! Looing like a hot mama!" Belle winked at me. She was wearing cute light high water jeans with a green blouse. Izzy came out in jeans, cute lace heels, and a sheer top with a purple bandeau under.

"Iz wins!" We both scream.

It was ten minutes to eight when we piled into my jeep to go to the resturant we planned to meet the boys. When we got there we knew the guys had beaten us there. Paparazzi were swarming. It took us fifteen minutes to park alone and a good five or six just to get inside the little Italian resturant we had agreed on. We were taken to the back room. The waitress was a friend that graduated wit us, Cindy. 

"Wait you three are the girls with One Direction?" she whispered. We all giggled and nodded. As we passed the kitchen we waved at Johnny and Richard. Oh did I mention that we worked here too? Opps. Well we loved this place so here we are! Once in the back room we saw Howard Twiddy, the owner, talking to the boys enthusiastically. Once we walked in Howard turns and his mouth dropped.

"Are these the friends that referred you here?" He asked looking at Liam in shock.

"Why yes! You know each other?" We walked over and hugged Howard answering Liam's question.

"What you girls can't get enough of me? Jesus!" He laughed shaking his head as he left closing the door behind him.

"We work here," Belle started.

"Howard is my neighbor/family friend," Izzy continued.

"And he's my sponsor for AA," I added as we all started laughing.

Once the food came we had been talking about the most random things. It made sense to ask those questions then but now needing to know their favorite tissue brand doesn't click.


It was almost ten when we left the resturant. Ladies first. When we left the room the paparazzi weren't the only ones outside now. Hundreds of girls were swarmed around the small resturant. We got out unharmed, thank God, and got on the road fast enough. The boys had gone out the kitchen and were meeting us at our studio. We watched a movie before the guys left but not before Harry and I planned for the next day to go to see a Dodgers game! I was really excited not going to lie. When we walked back from the kitchen to the family room the other four boys stood arms crossed and had angery faces.

"You didn't ask our permission to take our child out on a date," Louis said. We all laughed not being able to take Louis seriously.

"What not believable?" He asked rather shocked.

Once the boys left I went straight to the kitchen to clean the popcorn stuff up. I heard the girls come in but didn't look up.


"Care to explain anything?" They both said Belle standing in the doorframe and Izzy sitting on the counter.

"Well," I said with my head down scrubbing a bowl, "Harry and I are going to a Dodger game tomorrow."

"WHAT!" They both screamed in excitment. I simply wipped my hands and looked at them.

"Yup," I said smiling walking past them.

"Well does this make you two an item?" Belle asked trailing behind me with Izzy at her side.

"Of course not! I hardly know him! Be realistic ladies," I giggled.

"But you do like him?" Izzy asked.

"Of course but that doesn't mean we're dating."

"What time are you guys going?" Belle inquired.

"The game is at 5:30 so he's picking me up at 4 so we can get there and get some food," I turned around to look at them. They both had these huge stupid grins on their faces.

"Wait," Belle said suddenly, "What about the paparazzi? We bairely dodged them today." Crap. I didn't think about that.

                 To Harry:

Hey... What do we do about paparazzi?

Never thought I'd say that. Ever.


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