Darken (Austin Mahone)

When you love someone your love for them is usually never broken but how is it like dating a boy who is 3 years older then you when your 14 and hes 17?


2. The truth

Ashley's P.O.V

Early summer, beautiful sky's, no worries or no lies. I'm happy to still be alive but........ Where have I gone?


"Ashely wake up" my brother shakes me while moaning out those words.

"10 more minutes" I groan

"But but I'm hungry" I hear him cry out as he stops shaking me. I slowly open my eyes knowing I must get up now.

"Ok I'm up haha" I rub my eye to correct my vision as I see my little brother sitting in front of me smiling. He always has a cute smile on his face and that's what I love. I rub his hair making it a cute mess.

"Alright Liam lets go" I grab his hand as we head out my room in our pjs. It's bright and sunny out which I like.

"Alright what do you want pancakes? Eggs? Waffles?" I lifted him up on the table as I waited for him to decide.

"pancakes!" He half shouts as I grab out the pancakes. I put them in the microwave when the doorbell rings.

"Stay here do not move or you may fall and hurt your self" I said in a tranquil tone. I turned away from him going to the front door. As I open the door my best friend Drew hugs me. Now don't get me wrong he is cute but he's my best friend!

"Hey cupcake!" He says after pulling away from the hug.

"Hey! ....buttercup pfahaha!, I'm so sorry I couldnt think of a name for you" I couldn't stop laughing at the fact I called him buttercup he just glared at me.

"Oh your going to pay!" I knew what that smirk and tone meant he is going to chase me until he tickles me!

"Oh god no!" I ran from the front door heading to the back door hoping I could open it in time. Drew was chasing me and laughing I finally made it but drew was too close! Gosh he runs to fast so I ran to the front door as it still was open I ran out and tripped on the grass rolling. Drew then ran down and started tickling me.

"Hahah ok ok I give up!" I said screaming and laughing

"Good! Wait let me see your arms I thought I saw something" I forgot he never knew I cut my self

"What! A bug!" I get up from the grass running back inside. I quickly ran upstairs and put on a hollister hoodie.

"Ashley! Come down here!" Drew shouts from downstairs.

"I-I'm coming!" I ran back downstairs just smiling at him.

"No worries I had make up on my arm that's all anyways drew you hungry?" I said smiling to him hoping he didn't notice I was lying.

"No just feed your brother" he gave me this look like he knows I'm lying.

"Ok" As I was making the pancakes I could feel drew behind me. I bet he was waiting for me to roll my sleeves up!

"Ashley can I go to my friends house after breakfast?" Liam says

"Yea sure just go get dressed after you eat ok?"


The pancakes were done and I fed them to Liam as he dived in. Then he ran his self upstairs to get dressed. It was just me and drew this time.

"Soooooo..." I said casually

"So nothing show me your arms!" He snaps

"No it was just makeup alright?" I snap back hoping he would shut up.

"Ok bye sissy!" My brother jumps onto me given me a hug then given drew one. As Liam left I walked over the the family room to sit down and Drew followed.

"So wanna watch a movie with me?"

"Sure" he sat down next to me on the couch.

"Ashley can I ask you something?" Drew said in a hushed tone.

"Yea anything !" I cheer

"If you did or would ever cut your self would you ever tell me?" Before hitting play to the movie I froze to his comment.

"Ummm most definitely" I said in a bleak tone. My heart just dropped and I almost started to cry due to the fact I lied to my best friend and maybe some boy I'm in love with I just. I cuddled up with drew with a blanket as we watched The call.

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