Darken (Austin Mahone)

When you love someone your love for them is usually never broken but how is it like dating a boy who is 3 years older then you when your 14 and hes 17?


4. She'll wake

Drew's P.O.V

  I wait anxiously in the hospital waiting for the doctor to come out and tell me she's all right. I hope she's alright. Every time I hear footsteps I think it's the doctor when it's not.  

"Excuse me sir are you Ashley's brother?" A tall man with a white lab like coat on came towards me.  

"Umm no I'm her close friend" the doctor gives me this strange look and points for me to follow him.   We head over to Ashley's room seeing she's sleeping. I think.

  "Listen she will be alright yes she crushed her scull and got a mild concussion. She will wake soon. But she may have forgotten some things so we advise you to take her to rehab. One more thing those cuts on her arm what are they?" My head shot up to look at the doctor as he asked me about her cuts. I don't know what to say if I say she's a cutter they'll put her on medicine.

  "Cuts what cuts?" I try my best to say nonchalantly.   The doctor walks over to her and pulls her sleeve up pointing to all of them.

  "Oh god now I remember don't worry about those we were playing a game with a cat and it attacked her she's fine I promise I cleaned those wounds up!" I hope the doctor bought that fake lie.  

"Ok just making sure here's her prescriptions and pain killers, she's allowed off of the medicine when she's better" I get handed a pink paper with all her medicine on it. Then under it, it says take her to Miami Florida rehab...... That's where she grew up.  

I pulled out my phone dialing the number to a Miami Florida rehab. After I got ahold of one I placed a appointment for her.   I sat down on the chairs in her room just waiting for her to open up her eyes and smile to see me.

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