Darken (Austin Mahone)

When you love someone your love for them is usually never broken but how is it like dating a boy who is 3 years older then you when your 14 and hes 17?


1. Prologue

Ashley's P.O.V

"Run Ashley! Just run away now I don't want you to see this!!" My boyfriend screams to me as I try to run but I'm frozen.

"Angel I will be alright just go! I'll Handel this!" Water fills my eyes as I turn running away from the direction my boyfriend is. I quickly pull out my phone calling 911 for the police but that's when I heard the gun fire and it was too late. I turn back around quickly running to my boyfriend. He was bleeding a deep wound in the chest very close to his heart.

"Ashely, my sweet angel ....I...love you...I hope yo....u....know that." He could barely speak I heard the ambulance and police sirens all around. I kissed my boyfriend a goodbye as they put him in the ambulance. I know he's dead. But why did he die......


A year has passed since my boyfriend was killed by his best friend. I finally figured out why he was killed and to me it's hard for me to live knowing it. After months from my boyfriends death his friend killed his self before going to jail. His last words were tell Ashely I did it for her and I'm sorry....... I am the killer out of all this.My arms are suf-

"Ashley darling I'm leaving for London now!" My mother shouted from downstairs. I got off my bed and made my way downstairs to kiss her a goodbye.

"Bye mom when will you be back?" I said in a hushed tone.

" August 15th so about two months, now I must go sweetie be safe and have a great summer love you" we gave each other a bear hug and a kiss on the cheek as I saw her drive off to the airport. I closed the door and just plopped to the ground.

Who am I going to talk to? I miss my boyfriend he would be over my house and laughing with me. I headed back upstairs to my room and plopped onto my bed. I looked up to look at my boyfriend and I old photo. We were so happy why would someone want to break us? Well my first day of summer sucks!

My little brother should be home from his friends house soon. I hope he doesn't go through what I have with dating. I never deleted those text messages from Ethan. That was his name Ethan he was kind of the popular kid in school and he only had eyes for me. Girls hated me they would prank me all the time and Ethan would hate that. I opened up to my messages with Ethan.

Ethan: " no no cupcakes are better then cookies!"

Me:" are you crazy!?! Cookies are better so many different kinds!"

Ethan:" too bad! Oh god we sound so fat haha!"

Me:" we'll maybe because I am fat! Haha"

Ethan:" baby girl you are not fat! Don't say that your perfect size for me :)"

I turned my phone off after reading that message. It kills me to know I will never get to be called baby girl like that again or I'm the perfect size for him. We already planned our future. He was the only one that stopped me from seriously cut-

"Ashley! I'm home" my little brother shouted from downstairs.

"Come to my room!" I shouted back hoping he would hear me which he did. I could hear him walking up the carpeted steps.

"Mommy left already?" He said worried and sad

"Yea I'm sorry buddy come here" I said calmly

" you know I love you more then anything and if anything was supposed to happen to you I would protect you correct?" I say this to him all the time

"Yes I know....... But I'm already 5 can't I protect you?" He said in a cheeky tone

"Aww haha no no I'm older I'm supposed to protect you!" I said half yelling and laughing

"We'll I can tell your doing your job by your battle scars on your arm" his eyes sparkled a ocean blue with tears as he said that.

"Yes I know" I hugged him tightly sniffling from the tears that were forming. "Soon these battle scars will no longer happen....." We laid on my bed as I held onto my little brother as we fell asleep.

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