Darken (Austin Mahone)

When you love someone your love for them is usually never broken but how is it like dating a boy who is 3 years older then you when your 14 and hes 17?


6. Its time for tears

Ashley's P.O.V

  I wake up feeling a bit sick and having a major headache or just pain either one. My eyes are trying to focus on where I am. I'm in a cream room? Like a hospital.

"Again" slipped underneath my breath as I saw Drew asleep in front of me.   I crawled quietly out of bed not wanting to wake him. My bare feet touched the piercing cold tile, brought a shiver up my spine.

I moved slowly to Drew. He slept so peacefully like a baby.   I place my hand on his warm cheek. He didn't wake.  

"Drew" I said quietly his eyes opened slowly as his ocean blue eyes showed.  

"Ashley your awake, are you ok? Do you need anyt-" I placed my finger on his lip shushing him to calm down.  

"I am fine thank you, you have done so much for me and I need no more from you seriously your probably the best brother I could ever have" his eyes turned from happiness to sadness. What did I say wrong?  

"No" he pulled my hand off his face and held it in his hand.  

"No I'm not your brother Ashley I'm your best guy friend don't you remember"   

"No your my brother I know your my brother! Don't lie to me don't you dare lie to me" my voice raised as I got angrier.  

"No Ashley I'm not!"   I backed up slowly from him panicking.  

"What yea you are dont deny it why do you hate me please!" Tears formed in my eyes as I fell to the ground.  

"Ashley I'm not your brother please listen to me you don't remember me I'm your best friend! And your in rehab right now! Your home town Miami Florida!"  

Memories shot through my head quickly as I looked up at Drew. Is he my brother....why am I here. I can't remember much from Florida. But if I'm here then where did I live before?    


Ok guys sorry been a little bit busy but there should be a chapter for this book every Friday or Saturday which ever day I upload it :).

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