Darken (Austin Mahone)

When you love someone your love for them is usually never broken but how is it like dating a boy who is 3 years older then you when your 14 and hes 17?


5. Can we fix her?

Ashley's P.O.V

  I woke up in the most pain in my head. It was agonizing! My eyes shifted around the room to see Drew sleeping on one of the chairs ahead of me.  

What happened? Wait where am I? I looked down at my left arm to see a needle and a tube connected to it? Next to me was a heart monitor.   Am I in the hospital? What the hell happened to me. Maybe I was giving blood to drew? He is my brother.

  "Ashley your awake!" My head throbbed as he shouts to me.  

"Yea I am? Where am I.... Why am I here?"  

"Your in the hospital and don't you remember? You got hit by a car?" He was confused  

I jumped a little bit and almost screamed.  

"How did I get hit by a car!!!" I started panicking   

"You ummm ran out into the street because I you ummm I found your cuts"  

"Cuts?" I pulled my sleeves up to see my wounds. I let out a terrible scream as if I was in a horror movie. Doctors came rushing in as I was freaking out.  

"Stop! This isn't who I am!!! Let me go! Help my please!!!! Oh pleas please!! Someone help me!!!" I screamed every word as the doctors tried to lay me down the adrenaline was rushing through me. The room was spinning. That's when everything went black again.

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