finding justin bieber

hi I'm HAiley I'm a huge belieber! but I have bad news every hour I check this website for jb news right, and when I got on the website it said JB was MISSING they said he my have been kidnapped and it my job to find my future husband.


1. the bad news

hey I'm hailey hall I'm 18, and I am huge bieber fan and I have to check what's going on in his life every hour so when I was in language arts class today (worst class ever). I asked my teacher could I go to the computer lab to to type up the papers I was working on but I really went to go see what was going on In my future husbands life. Well there was 2 new things his new cd came out which I'm totally getting and sadly he was MISSING and he may have been murdered or just kidnapped those are both horrible. I was so mad I through the computer and the staff member say your paying for that and I ran out the room charging for the girls bath room!!!! Crying my eyes out screaming. I looked in the mirror and said Hailey your finding him no matter what happens. All I need to do is find a way to get out this dumb school and afford a car there only one way to get all the things i need is to rob a bank for money and kill my parents to get a car and skip town. So I can find out who killed/stole my honey I will risk it all.!
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