finding justin bieber

hi I'm HAiley I'm a huge belieber! but I have bad news every hour I check this website for jb news right, and when I got on the website it said JB was MISSING they said he my have been kidnapped and it my job to find my future husband.


2. my plan

I went to the office and told them my mom said she was checking me out they where dumb enough to believe me. So I ran out and got home and my mom was like why was I home so early and I said I had a fever and I said can I have the keys really fast I left my textbook in your car. I put the in my pocket and said I will get them in a min my mom and dad hates when I'm in there room so while they where in the kitchen i snuck in there room got my dads gun and hid it in my pocket. Well on my way to the kitchen I was thinking I can get there money and rob the bank. So I pulled out the gun and said take out all your money and put it on the counter. they put it on the counter and put there hands up and you could hear to gun shots *boom* *boom*
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