finding justin bieber

hi I'm HAiley I'm a huge belieber! but I have bad news every hour I check this website for jb news right, and when I got on the website it said JB was MISSING they said he my have been kidnapped and it my job to find my future husband.


3. meeting justin

They where dead I moped up the blood and shoved them in a hall closet not giving much care. I ran out side and hopped in the car and took of for the town justin was last seen in 7 hours later I was there I looked every where asked ppl went to police and got some info. I looked across the street and saw a little house and through the window I could see justin. I broke the window held the gun up to the kidnapper and he snatched it and tried to kill justin. I fought against the man and he punched me leaving blood but I got him to the ground shot him till he died. and me and justin left. we went to an empty parking lot and told him how much I loved him and are plans for the future and he thanked me dearly. Then he went silent and said you murdered some on get a way from me I hate you and slapped me. He called the police and I am in prison for life. All I have to say to you is be carful people may not be who you think they are because I though justin would be a sweet heart.
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