when we met

I was just a normal girl from a small town in Ireland with a twin brother, then he came and change everything..

~ guys this is my first story so please be nice


8. will you.......


she so cute . how could anybody ever hurt her?  her with her tiny hands and small body and prefect wavy black hair  and her eyes! oh god her eyes ,people say my eyes are cute  her's are wow  they have this dark outline but   are   brown and  I think they change  colors .  anyway I'm gonna ask jace if   the guys and I could  stay over since it was late and our driver (Liam)  was to tiered to drive. " jace could we stay over for tonight " I asked jace who was in  the kitchen   cleaning a little bit . " sure  guys , u can share a bed with Lina cause we don't have a guest rom , well we do but  it kinda broken and not safe ."  he said rubbing his hand  with the back of his neck. it seemed like he wasn't saying something but that was fine i got to sleep with Lina ... anyway  I went in side  of Lina's room  it  smell s like her  . and let me say she smell really good .... is it weird that I'm having this thoughts about her ?  yeah maybe but  I  can't help my self .  I see Lina  in side curled up in a corner   with a beg teddy bear  cry and it but me to see her like this  " Lina love are you okay?"

" yeah Niall I'm fine it just to much I never thought I get rid of his sorry bum ."  oh good I thought she missed him . " love do you mind if we stay here for tonight. most of us are not well enough to drive and Liam well Liam doesn't feel like driving " I ask politely  .  "yeah sure  I don't mind . some  of you might have to sleep on a sofa bed if you don't  mind .  and two of you fit  with me  in bed " she says look up at me with hope in her eyes. I go out side and get the boys to come in side and in less then two minutes Lina has the sofa bed ready  look like she has done this number of times. " Niall and zayn can sleep with me . Liam Harry and Louis I know  you don't like to be apart form Harry so your sleeping with him."  we all got really for bed the boys mainly just took off their pant and shirts and were left with their boxers on the bed it was me and zayn with Lina in the middle, I don't know how but her bed was pretty big I mean Lina was sleeping on her tummy and me and zayn were sleep like we would at a hotel  spread out and we fit perfectly. I feel to a perfect slumber with wonderful dreams of being locking inside of Nando's

~~~~~~~~~~~~4 am~~~~~~~~~~~~

I think jace found a girl to...um satisfy his man need. how do I know this you ask? well at first there were moans that made Lina toss around in the bed, but what made it really clear was the screaming.

"ooh my fucking god, I'm going to kill him and her" Lina said  hiding  her self under the covers. I have to say jace must be good if he can get a girl to scream like that.  the girl screamed for the second time and Lina just got really mad. you can tell she doesn't like being woken up

" fuck this shit" she say walking u to jaces door. most of the boys are woken up and making inappropriate  jokes. "hey screamy people are trying to sleep so WILL YOUSHUT UP!!!!!!" she came back and just plopped down on the bed curling her self into a ball. and just like that she calmed down closing her eye and sleeping  soundly. sometime later that night she came closer to me and we cuddled while being asleep, our legs even intertwine  

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