when we met

I was just a normal girl from a small town in Ireland with a twin brother, then he came and change everything..

~ guys this is my first story so please be nice


4. on our way to the concert


"hey Niall, would you stop eatin herfood. god our an animal," Liam scoled,god his a pig. "but she said it was okay is I ate anything," Niall was gonna ruin it for everybody. I was upstairs but I could hear them because there not as quite you would think. I had texted my best friend who lives litterly right next to me I'm read but I've stayed up stairs. A. hey gurl u ready to go m. yeah come pick me up please oh a make room for 5 more A . 5? what u got your brother to bring his hot sexy friends. m. no even better but it's a surprise so hurry. then I hear my brother jace "lini , there like guys in our house that look a lot like that band of guys your always talking about... you know the ones you say that are sooooo hot ," OH MY GOD that's so rude of him I never rat him out like that to the girl he brings home. I run downstairs saying " jace don't u dare talk to them, leave them alone and try not to emberres me. remember I'm the oldest!!!" I alway bring that up and it always helps me win In a fight so, but I guess this time it didn't work. " by like 12 min. clam down you took forever to get out of mum's tummy," god his annoying but I love my brother we always have fun annoying each other. it kind of like out thing. I hear a knock on the door and when I open it it's Ashley, I call her ash for short. " hey, so are you gonna show me this 5 guys were bring to the concert cause I though boys hated one direction, " ash and I have been besties since first grade. "I believe that would be us, love ," wow zayn has an awesome voice. " YOU GOT THEM TO COME TO YOUR HOUSE!! dang girl" omg my friend is crazy.

"um ash and guys , we should get going"   i just remember what CD is in my car, but it would be rude to stop them just for that, and then i rememberd that i gave it to ash..  my god that a close one. i open the car i get in the driver seat ,  liam seat next to me. i have like 3 favorite of the bands, Niall, Liam, and Zyan.i put the key in the ignition and  BLAST ' OW YOU GIVING ME A HEART ATTACK  LOOKING LIKE YOU DO "  oh my  god this is not happening to me the boys just laughed while i turned red as a tomato. we  were about to leave when my brother said "ey sis are you coming home tonight" and i know my brother well enough to know  why he was asking ' depends are you gonna get me a cake or are you bring a girl home   for the worst ride of her life " dont get me wrong i love my brother to death but he was alot like harry using girls for sex and not casue he loved them." har har sis , maybe both "

" ugh your a pig , jace " i knew ash liked my brother she never told me but i could see it in her eye, when he walks in his boxers around the house in front of her.i know that she hates the way he doesnt know about the thoughts that she thinks of him. she trys so hard not to show her feeling that i feel bad.

 as were driving away, Liam gives a smile. i knew that him and dani had broken up about  months ago i mean i read it on twitter and magezings.then  Liam's phone rings "hey paul, sorry were late but the car broke down so were getting a ride from a fan of ours who is also getting to the concert. " i can here paul say somethign but cant make out what it is he is saying. when we were almost there, we found a place to park fairly close to the main enternce, then liam askes us " hey do you guys wanna come back stage?"

"um... we would love to but... we dont have back stage passes"i know i looked sad but what can i do i would love to go back stage. but.......oh well at least i got to see them before the concert even started! " we have to fix that boys go get two back stage passes, take it as a thank you for bringing me and my idiots to the concert." he says turning his attention to me and ashley. i think he could tell by the look on our faces that we were about to yell cause he said " shh girls, our crazy will flip if they found out"  at that moment paul and the boys came out with two back stage passes like liam said. 

'COME ON GIRLS WERE GONNA BE LATE" louis yelled he can be such a child in a good way. the  boys and ash started walking but me and liam walked a little bit slower then the other. omg and guess what HE GAVE ME HIS NUMBER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   the boys started with the concert with rock me, and ended it with heart attack. althogh they did give me a major heart attack when they winked at me and ash.


(a/n) hey guys just wanted to say thanks for reading and i hope you like it. i really enjoy writting it..

~~love lina

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