when we met

I was just a normal girl from a small town in Ireland with a twin brother, then he came and change everything..

~ guys this is my first story so please be nice



I am starting to see things, I think I'm reading to many fanfiction. this most certainly can not be happening to me." um...hello," great sound like the head-over-heels fan you are that's so charming(not). I hearse one chuckle"I think you broke her Harry "
" oh man that's to bad" Harry said with his British accent. great I thought to my self, the most cutest, sexiest, handsome guy are at my door and i look like an idiot ." please come in," and never ever leave I added in my head.
" guys I think we're gonna be late, management is gonna be really mad at us" Liam said, so mature and handsome yet he can still like a kid at times
well sorry but it wasn't our fault the car broke down. hey are you planning on going to the concert tonight " Louis said, addressing me. " um.. yeah I was just getting ready to go "
"GREAT lets go cause I'm hungry " when wasn't Niall hungry I heard he had an obsession with food. " nialler we have to wait fr her to get dress u idiot " I heard zayn speak fr the first time and wow better then I would have though.
"umm I have some food in the fridge you can help your self to anything in there. I have a 18year old brother so our fridge is always filles with junk food "
"yaya food " Niall jumped up and foun his way to the kitchen.
" I'll be right bak.im gonna finish get up " I said kind if awkwardly since I would be changing while the most sexiest band boy was in my living room
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