when we met

I was just a normal girl from a small town in Ireland with a twin brother, then he came and change everything..

~ guys this is my first story so please be nice


6. oh god LOUIS!!!!

first I wanna start with I'm not the type of girl that loves to shop in fact I dread the moment my friend mention the word mall or shoes. why you ask, well simple it's just shoes and clothes. from what I can see about the boys, they clearly love to treat a girl to whatever they want. " guys I didn't need 10 pairs of shoes" Louis had gotten a little over bored and decided to shop for me and bought something out of every store we walked in to. " NONSENSE you deserve this" his such a child my god. dot get me wrong I can be a child at times just that I really hate shopping I would just like to read. now if the boys had taken me to the bookstore then I would be acting like Louis was right now! oh well you gotta take what you can get " Lini were gonna be late "ugh I had almost forgotten that my brother was throwing this party and as always u would be there to make sure that nothing happened. last time I let him throw a party without me mom and dad had to bail him out of jail for public nudity. as you can se I'm kinda like really mature for my age. " guys we should go back home now" I love this boys there really nice and sweet. "ok love we'll tag along if that's okay with you "Liam said with his strong yet soft voice " sure, I mean there's gonna be a party there you could stay there while I go shop for chips and stuff" I knew my brother would forget and it never did hurt to get more " oh can I come PLEASE PLEASE" Niall couldn't get enough of food " sure anybody else wanna tag along " all of the boys hands went up " I guess that's fine. let go to the car" OMG you have no Idea how badly I wanted to get out of the mall. suddenly my phone starts to ring " ohh is that Addam?!? " let me introduced you to Addam his my boyfriend. has been for a couple of years now. his always jealous of any guy that come near me. but he loves me as I pick up te phone the boys start to get rallied up. " boys calm down there enough Lina to share ! " ash screams out as I say " hey what's up " nothing what did ash say" oh gos I knew were this was going I had been down this road before. more then once maybe. " oh nothing . so are you coming tonight" I knew the answer to that even before he said anything. of course he was, he was my brothers best friend after all. " yeah sure. who else is gonna be there . " god how I te him about the boys with out getting him mad. l of some people" I say casually. he take it as an answer and hangs up " so, who was that," Liam said try to be funny, well kind of. " ugh just my boyfriend " " oh no lini is taken. but she's so cute" I blushed at Louis word. Adam never said them to me.he hardly complimented me. as we got to the car, we put all the shopping bags into the car and we took our seats with in the car. it was a bit crowded as I had five boys in the back but the got along just fine. "ash u want me to drop u of first" " yeah. I wanna get ready for the party!" I invited her and we had the whole day planne out. but on what we didn't count on is one direction showing up at my door. we got to my house cause I had to drop of ash and get the shopping list. I saw adam's car. oh boy, this should be fun " boys would you like to come in? " as soon as the word were out of my mouth , the boys got out of the car. Harry gave Louis a piggy back ride bac to the house. we were all laughing. ash had gone home . as we got to my door I told them to be nice and to behave. " love we always behave," I gave Louis a " yeah right " look. I open the door only to find that the party already started " boys party , party boys" I joked around. when Adam found me I was just about to get the list. " hey babe were u been" his voice was slurry so I could tell that tomorrow was gonna be a bad day " I told u I had a concert to go to" he never even pays attention . a few times I've caught him cheating . " and who are this freeks" god we were so gonna fight to night or tomorrow but I was done with him " ADAM you don't insult them . they have been super nice to me, please just go away right now " god I hat it when his drunk . " well he wasn't nice." Louis put on a sad baby face " I know Louis I sorry about him " I can't believe he emberresed me like that. I gave Louis a hug. I went upstairs to get the list. I had up it in me bag. when I got it I went back downstairs. the boys were all talking and when I walked in they stop. that was kind of weird, but I soon forgot about. "YAYAY food!!" Niall was so cute I wonder how he could eat so much  yet stay so fit.

~~~~~~~~skip car ride~~~~~~~~


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