when we met

I was just a normal girl from a small town in Ireland with a twin brother, then he came and change everything..

~ guys this is my first story so please be nice


11. falling



okay so I wake up and lina isn't here so I go downstairs cause like I smell food and I was gonna go eat. and then I notice that lina is  on the couch  cuddling with to guys, I don't know why but I sort of feel like punching them in the face. I font even care that theirs food on the table . I want their hands off of  Lina. I run upstairs and  knock  on jace door

"come in " he says. he sounded like he just woke up. I wonder how he will feel when I tell about his sister and the two guys.

"jace- is that Ashley?" imagine my shock when I walk in to  jace room and Ashley lined best friend is their  naked. at least I know that that girl has a pair of lung on her. she even woke up zayn like  2 times. his gonna be pissed today

"hey niall, um can you turn round while I find my cloths" Ashley asked. she sounded like a nice girl, though her voice  sounded a little of, ha probably from all that scream.

"ooh ah , yeah , sure ," I turn round but I start talking to jace " so um jace, their two guys downstairs, cuddling with Lina . I don't know I f u know them or something" I say . you have no idea how awkward this is. if Louis was here im sure he would scream ' NO JIMMY PROTESTED'. 


"what are you talking about niall, Lina knows better then to cuddle with anybody "he says he really sound concern and im glad that Lina will have somebody to take care of her like I would when I go back on tour............FUCK I think im falling for . I am stupid asswipe she probably like harry.. everybody does. 

"im going down stairs ...um  I don't know if you wanna check it ou-"

"wait  niall, can you not tell Lina about this. we kinda want to tell her our selves ... whenever jace here ask me out on a real date". Ashley says jokingly at jace

"woman I will ask you on a date when you dump that sorry ass of a boyfriend you have" he looks happy, I think I can make Lina that happy if she let me

"ash, do you know who her favorite is " I ask her she most know .

"um yeah I do "she says and I wait for her to continue but she just look at me.

"well......" im kinda growing inpatient here

"oh you want me to tell you?" wow

"yeah babe that's why his asking..... god you such a blond sometimes" jace now decided to join this conversation.

"she like you niall ...duhh why do u think she lets you sleep in her bed ... Lina is super freaking on sharing , it was years before she introduced me to jace ... she was right not to wanna share his hunk" GAG t Ashley is  not in her right mind but I think she was saying the truth about Lina liking me.

we walk down stairs and Lina is still sleeping with the two guys.. getting kinda pissed of here . yeah im sort of kinda the jealous type.

"omg niall why didn't you tell me my boyfriend was here" Ashley say s with this "I cant believe you voice 

"well how am I supposed to know when your... never mind" I am just gonna let it go " I sorry not telling you

~~~~~not done  ill

write more tomorrow bye guys


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