when we met

I was just a normal girl from a small town in Ireland with a twin brother, then he came and change everything..

~ guys this is my first story so please be nice


5. backstage

 after the concert the boys invited us backstage and me and ash said yeah. while backstage the boy  took a shower and freshened up. the first one out was nial." hey ladies, are you guys hungry"  "nial was only wearing pants which ment he was shirtless right in front of me. i dont know about you but  when a hot boy is shirtless in frot og you all i can do is stare. but hey who could balm me, he has  an amazing body... they all  do." we would love to" i had almost forgoten about ash right next to me. she elbowed me when she saw me staring ' right lini ??" " um... yeah sure"  then all the boys came out and we started to get ready to go out to eat " so were are we going" i knew nial would say Nando"s and i didnt really mind. i love hteir food  however i also love mcdonalds.

~~~SKIP CAR RIDE~~~~~~~~

When we arrived at Nando's  they gave us a booth and we  took out seats(FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) liam ,me , nial , and then in front of us  were Harry, Ash, Zyan, and louis. the lady asked us what we wanted to drink everyone said coke but Nial he wanted sprited. we gave our orders to the lady and she said shel would be righ back with that. ' so lina , how old are you' liam ask with his oh-so sweet voice 'um i just turned 18 " i didnt think the boys would get all exited about my birthday.

"omg yayay PARTY!!!!!!!' louis was parcitaly screaming  " actually ther eis one but it gfor my brother not me "  that kinda confused the boys a little bit so i told them "  me and my brother are twins but were  born on different days" that didint help they were even more confused, and my great bestfriend was there laughing. and i knew she was remembering the day i told her jace was my twin.' were twins but i was born at 11:56 and him at 12:06" well that cleared everything " oh well guys i think we should ger lina something? dont you guys"  liam was so sweet. he didnt even know me yet was wanted to get me something. ' no guys its okay really "

" no lina this is your day, we have to get you soomething' liam insisted " but you guys dont even know me that well" i could except anything from then . i may not act like it but im really shy when it comes to people giving me gifts. "doesnt mattter your still the most amazing girl ever. not to mention that if we told paul we met a fan on her brithday and didnt get her anything , our heads will be hung up on the wall"

"but you guys i dont need anything, really"i  couldnt take anything from the boys i would feel so bad" Oh my god lina, dont lie youve been wearing the same converse for two years." omg i was going to kill her " i guess but these are really confterable

" then will  get you those i promise" god i hated shoping i  have never understood how some girls could spend hourse in one mall just looking at clothes"YAYAY shopping time!! after we eat though"


~~~~~~~SKIP DINER ~~~~~~~~~~~




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