when we met

I was just a normal girl from a small town in Ireland with a twin brother, then he came and change everything..

~ guys this is my first story so please be nice


7. at the houseb

~~~~skip the supermarket~~~~~

when we get back to the house, the guys  help me get everything inside. i can see that the party as already started"where do you want me to put the beer," niall said "um, oh the bottom is fine, thanks." i answerd back. i dont drink that much, but the people coming to the house sure do,  i was going upsaires to change when i notice the boys fallowing me. " where do you guys think your going"i said no boy had ever been to my room. "your bedroom love," liam said with his really cute baby voice."yeah, please, love. we've never been to a fans room before,' Zayn said with his puppy dog eyes." well execpt  harry , but we wont let him do that to you" everybody started to laugh, while i blushed. i looked away as i said "fine but you guys cant make fun of my room." i said with a little girls voice. we walked in to my room and i could see that liam and niall are totally blushing while  zyan, louis and harry are  laughing their butts off. " look likes someones got a crush on liam and niall ey mate,." oh my god louis thanks for maing it more oviouse. let me explain my room is pink and puppe, with alot of pictuers of the guys but mosly of liam and niall. " well of course their the  only hot ones out of the five" i say joking around. oh no you did louis says almost tackiling me so that i fall one my bed. harry come and starts to tickle me"  zyan is just there laughing so hard that no sound is coming out, how ever his claping his hands looking like a seal and its halriouse!!!!      "we'll stop if you say ' harry is fuckable' and " louis is sooo doable'"  i couldnt stop lauging " okay " louis is sooo doable and hayy if f-fuck-a-able" i mange to get out. the boys get off of me and i run behind liam and stick my tonge out at harry, when suddleny the door knob starts to turn. "yo bi-" Adam by boyfriend walks in, let me explain his not the best boyfriend out their. we met through my brother and their still best friends so its been kinda hard to  run away. sometimes when he gets mad at something he takes it out on me. i understand that this isnt a healthy realtionship but theres nothing i can do about it . "babe what are you doing" he says i know his you gonna get it later face so well that  it changes his voice " nothing babe " he give a look. "well babe i cant find the beers can you get me one" he says i can telll his  pissed off and i bet its something stupid " sure babe " i said holding his hands as  we walk out of my room and downtairs. i go to where niall put the beers and hand it over to him.  " go get me something to eat bitch" he said with his rough deep voice. i head over the kitchen  and find niall there. "hey buddy" niall said with his mouth stuffed with a ham and cheese sandwich. i go and sit next to him and  take the  other half of the sandwiich and take a bit. i walk over to the fridge and take out the stuff to make Adam his sandwich. i feel nialls eyes on me "love are you okay" he says. his so cute the way he cares about people. " yeah im fine. dont worry about it " i can feel my eyes star to tear up. i hold back the tears that i know are coming. " love" he come from behind me, turns me around and hugs me " talk to me", he says. as if it were that easy, but then suddenly and most supersly i tell him everything. i even tell him about the time that Adam had gotten so mad tha he  hit me, breaking  two ribs, my arm and had given me a conusion, just because his beer wasnt cold enough. this is the first time i tell anybody, nobody know but ash, i never had to tell my family because they were on a trip to  colombia for the birth of my baby cousin, and i had to stay behind to be in the school play at the time. wheni m dont telling hims the story, he just hugs me and let me tell u that nialls hugs are even better then anybody could imagine." yo bitch were have you been- WHAT THE HELL IS THIS  GURL"  i turn to see who had said that . Adam.shit, i think to my self, im gonna die. "it nothing". i say as i see Adam come up to me and raises his hand. then i feel somehing acroos me cheek, it feel as if someone has put on of the things that they mark a cow with (the little burnning things)  had been  put on my cheek. " hey u cant hit her like tht!!!" niall  yelled out. suddenly talking baout it with nial has given me some" ENOUGH! " i say " Adam im tiered of your bullshit. were done"  i run upstiars and cuddle with my big white teddy bear in a corner. i can hear my brother try to get adam to leave the house and i can also hear the boy talking outside my door. alomst everybody left almost right after the scene, then the boys walk in my room and niall put his arms around me, i start to cry and he hold me " love would it be okay is the boys and i stayed here to night, we wanna make sure your okaay"  he says tighting his hold on me  sure but where will u guys sleep. i mean i havea sofa bed but i think it will only fit 3 of you and the guest room  is not safe for you guys " the guest room has a realll big whole in it from the time my brother got drunk and was pissed cause he caught his gf of 3 yeass cheeting. "the other two can sleep on the bed with me ," i said sobbing my eyes out. "thanks love"   niall said  giving me a kiss on the cheek. he walks back out giving me a chance to change in my pj which consiste of  a big t shirt and my by  joe boxers for girls i also wash my face and take off anymakeup from today. the boys walk in and each give me a hug, " lets dicide who gets the sofa bed " i say.  liam starts to speak like the daddy direction that he is " niall and zayn sleep on the bed with lina and then the rest of us sleep on the sofa bed".  " yes daddy said louis causing me to giggle i make room for niall and zayn , then i open the  sofa bed for liam, louis and harry. after they change and let me tell u this the boys have decided to sleep in boxers . great for my birthday i had went to the one direction concert i had met the guys, the guys  had came over to my house , i dumped my ass hole of a bf and now 5/5 of one direction   are in  my room in their boxers. BEST DAY EVER. as we get settled down  and ready to sleep the boys start to hum to   song trully madly deeply  and then i  drift of to a wonderful sleep 




guys sorry i havnt updated in a whille i just been bussy with schoool and exams and it not even funny how much homework ihave . but anyway i hope u enjoyed it. could you guys do me a favor and let me know if u like it so far ...............please thanks  love u guys . also i need to come up a nick name for you guys so hit me up on the comment box .<3

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