when we met

I was just a normal girl from a small town in Ireland with a twin brother, then he came and change everything..

~ guys this is my first story so please be nice


1. how it all started

my name is Lina. I'm a normal girl with a twin brother who is really annoying. I remember how it all happened, lets explain how I met the most cutest guy in the world. as a girl of corse i love one direction they were the best . that day my brother had gotten me tickets to see there concert for our birthday( we weren't one of those twins who celebrated together since I was born at 11:56 and him at 12:06 we celebrated my birthday on the 10 ad his on the 11th of October. anyway I was getting ready when there was a knock on the door "jace do u mind getting that, please " I said hoping he woul here me over his loud screams. "I'm kinda in the middle of something,sis " " well, I'm getting ready" I said kinda of in a hurry I was already late " hey you have clothes on, you can open the door." he and his girlfriend have been up in this bed all day . I think that's the only reason he got the tickets to te me out of the house. our parents were on a business trip in America , but they still mange to send presents and cake. I'm wearing my I love 1D shirt and some boys shorts, when I open the door thinking that it's my best friend Ashely "girl come on u have to help me get dress " I say without thinking. "we'll love, I don't who this Ashley is but I could help u get dress" I hear from outside. no it can't be. there supposed to be at the concert, how did they get here

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