You don't know what you've got until its Gone.

This story is based on the point of views of two individuals that are totally unknowing about what love is and how to deal with it. The characters are a 15 year old girl named Marley and a 16 year old boy named Ellis. The characters story's are related, and their point of views are about Eachother. But the rest is in the book, so check it out. And I hope you like it!


7. The Final Chapter

A few days after Ellis's last entry his lungs collapsed. He didn't make it. And Marley, she was so heart broken she wished she'd died too. They'd known Eachother for so long, but never told the other how they had felt, until it was to late. You never know what you truly have until its gone from your grasp. THE END

6 years later.
. All I can think about is Ellis, and how he should be the one I'm marrying, not josh. I still remember the last words he said to me right before he died. "Marley, Im not going to live much longer and you know that. But I want you to be happy, even when I'm not here. Just know that I will always love you." Then he asked me my favorite flower, weird right? Well, I told him it was a pink rose. And the next day he was gone. Well as I walked down the aisle, I saw my fiancé, my family and an empty chair, I thought nothing of it. But when I looked at the chair again, there was a single pink rose sitting upon it. Ellis was there, at my wedding. He was there. He wanted me to be happy, but he didn't want me to forget him either. My first love will always be my precious Ellis. I know I will see him again, someday.
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