You don't know what you've got until its Gone.

This story is based on the point of views of two individuals that are totally unknowing about what love is and how to deal with it. The characters are a 15 year old girl named Marley and a 16 year old boy named Ellis. The characters story's are related, and their point of views are about Eachother. But the rest is in the book, so check it out. And I hope you like it!


4. Ellis

I love her. It's safe to say that I love her. I broke up with Casey, and I swear I am going to get marley, I love her. She is all I think about, Im going to get her number. I swear to you I am going to marry that girl.

She told me "why do you even talk to me?!" I told her I liked talking to her, and at that moment I could almost see a blush come across her perfect cheeks. I think she likes me, she is gorgeous inside and out. She's a beauty, and I am just a harsh beast in her presence. Marley Elizabeth Simm is the girl for me. I'm certain, she brings out the best in me, I'm going to ask her to be my girlfriend.
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