You don't know what you've got until its Gone.

This story is based on the point of views of two individuals that are totally unknowing about what love is and how to deal with it. The characters are a 15 year old girl named Marley and a 16 year old boy named Ellis. The characters story's are related, and their point of views are about Eachother. But the rest is in the book, so check it out. And I hope you like it!


2. Ellis

Okay, this is wrong. NO, this is REALLY wrong. Snap out of it Ellis, you have a girlfriend.But I want HER as my girlfriend. What? No I don't! I'm perfectly fine with the girlfriend I have. Wait, No I'm not. UGH! I'm at war on the inside. I have a girlfriend, she is perfect! Her name is Casey, and she is amazing, but not as amazing as Marley. I need to stop, but it's kinda impossible.

Marley has been the center of my life ever since primary school, with her perfect dirty blonde colored hair, her adorable smile, and her eyes. My god, those EYES. They're green as green could be with their perfect olive color. My girlfriend, can't really compare.

I know, it's sad. And even pathetic. I'm in love with one girl, but mindlessly date other ones. The worst part is? I keep actually thinking that it might make marley like me. She's so quiet around me, but when I mess with her she could lethally kill. It's funny because I love seeing her reaction. Yes. It's childish. Yes, I'm in high school, but I don't care! I am trying to make that perfect pretty little thing like me, and I hope it's working!
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