Don't fall for him! (Harry Styles fan-fic)

Ally is an undercover journalist, when she get's her first assignment she cant believe it!! Ally has to find out the truth behind Harry Styles, is he really just a womenizer or just a miss-understood famous pop star?!
Ally's main rule- Don't fall for him! .... but will she be able to keep it ?! and what will happen when Harry finds out the truth?!
All I know its going to be one hell of a ride .... Please join it with me!!

Please read... like ... favourite and comment I love hear your thoughts!
I will try and make it as real as I can ... not to cheesy ;)
13+ because I cant promise I wont have swearing and ickyness (if you know what I mean) ;) haha Enjoyyyyy xo


1. Wow, no way!

I woke with a start from my lovely deep sleep, my phone ringing beside me... my boss, great!
"Hello" I said yawning and wiping my tired eyes.
"Sorry Ally, I know its early but I have some great news!" Sonya my hard-faced cow of a boss said down the phone to me, why is she acting so chirpy this morning? ! She's normally biting my head off by now .... yes I'm an intern.
"Really, great what's up?" I replied trying to sound as happy as her, failing of course.
"I've got you your first assignment"
"Wow, no way" I nerally screamed down the phone. .... I've been waiting for this day for almost a year now.Bout bloody time.... I get to be a undercover journalist!!!
"Yes only if your 110% up to it, is a big job... but I need someone young and pretty so I thought of you!" Sonya replied ...... okay there must be a catch she has NEVER been this nice to me... might aswell take advantage while I can.....
"Absolutely how can I turn it down, wait Sonya you haven't told me what it is?!" I ask pulling myself of the pillows to rest on the head-board of my bed.
"You'll see, come to the office in one hour, do t be late ... and I will tell you!" she replied with a more serious tone.
"Okay see you then" I was about to hang up when Sonya continued to speak. .....
"Oh wait Ally..."
"Where something classy, your starting straight after the meeting"
She hang up. Great what did she mean by classy?! Letting out a deep breath I jump out of bed to take a shower .... I wonder what today will hold.

Unknown to Ally today was going to be the start of something amazing, but then again ... highly dangerous.

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