my bully niall horan

Heidi (hi-de) has been bullied by niall horan for a long time they use to be best friends what happened ? Heidi meets the rest of the boys she becomes friends and once they graduate from collage they hang out a lot . will Heidi forgive them? read what happens in the story!:)


5. you did what?????!!!!!!!!

nialls P.O.V Louis was supposed to be here an hour ago . I wonder whats taking him so long just then I was interrupted by my stupid girlfriend she was just for image I felt bad for using her but hey its not like she isn't cheating on me I really don't care anyways plus shes really stupid like an I.Q of 1% probably 0 she once while we were dating intrudaceded me to her 7 other boyfriends yeah anyways she came in and said that she wanted to break-up with me 'cool bye' was all I said I really didn't care 'that's it'! she said 'you don't give a crap' !!!!' no I don't'  'ugh that is it just pretend we weren't even together' she said 'okay well get out' 'fine I don't wanna stay in her with you anyways' and she was about to turn around and Louis was there 'hes a real charmer isn't he' he said. 'get out of my way freak and with that she walked away I cant stand her'.  sup niall WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN I yelled dang calm down niall I woke up a little late and then I didn't know where your dorm room was and my phone died so I asked this very pretty charming girl at the fouantin  and you know this very pretty girl . I do all girls went through my head they all want but on stayed Heidi . do you know who this girl is niall . who is it he didn't reply he just smiled like an idiot .FOR GODS SAKE JUST TELL ME WHO IT IS I yelled at him . he whispered into my ear Heidi .YOU MET HEIDI STAY AWAY FROM HER SHES MINE I yelled at him and then I heard a laugh it was so pretty at once I darted towards the door and opened it just who I suspected Heidi she was laughing so hard it was nice to see her smile and hear her laugh she barley laughed any more I smiled then I realized she heard every thing I said what do you want pig face I snapped at her I was just here to pick up Louis I turned back to see Louis smirking I faked my best smile okay bye I wouldn't want to keep you from your date eww she said date gross hes just my friend oh yeah I sighed from relief oh but niall I wouldn't get your hopes up if I were you she said OH SNAP SOME ONE GET SOME ICEi heard Louis yell from in back of me come on boo bear lets go get some fro-yo she said boo bear I like my nickname Im glad you do lets go if we stay any longer niall might drool and with that Louis pushed past me and went off with Heidi I DONT LIKE YOU I yelled down the hallway sure you don't she yelled back

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