my bully niall horan

Heidi (hi-de) has been bullied by niall horan for a long time they use to be best friends what happened ? Heidi meets the rest of the boys she becomes friends and once they graduate from collage they hang out a lot . will Heidi forgive them? read what happens in the story!:)


2. UGH

*BEEP*BEEP* ugh I quickly got out of bed took a shower got changed and I was starving today was a Saturday so that was something to look forward to . I went to starbucks got some coffee and a muffin then I went back to campus by the time I was there I had already eaten my muffin I sat down at the water fountin  now only with coffee and someone passed by and said " not eating breakfeast womt make you skinny your too fat it wont do anything now " uaslly wasn't the type to insult people but I just didn't care that morning so I said "keep talking slut" she just looked at me and then walked away I did what I always did looked into the water pouring out of the fountin and thougt people thought I did it to get attention but Im really just thinking while I was sitting some one looked at me and started to come over here I was scared im always getting death threats from people his face didn't look fimilair maybe some one hired a hit man all the possibilities were in my haed as he got closer and closer

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