my bully niall horan

Heidi (hi-de) has been bullied by niall horan for a long time they use to be best friends what happened ? Heidi meets the rest of the boys she becomes friends and once they graduate from collage they hang out a lot . will Heidi forgive them? read what happens in the story!:)


9. the tour

Heidis P.O.V me and Louis were talking we sat down at the fountain (yes I know I finally learned how to spell fountain sorry for any trouble ) so I think we should get to know echother  I said to Louis okay ill start I mentally thanked him for saying that he will go first ok well he started im in a band called one direction he said oh I think ive heard of that I said oh yeah and niall is in the band with me he said really??? I knew he was in a band but I was never interested enough to find out what band he was in I said yeah I like carrots and my bandmates are like brothers to me he said oh how many are there I asked um 5 including me and niall he answered oh well im hungry okay lets go get some food we went into the café on campus and orderd some food oh look it whore said some girls ew whats she doing with Louis other people say shes probably just prostuting I ignored all of them until somebody took my drink and dumped it on my head and that was it I stood up on the counter everybody was looking at me alright listen up every body there is 3 days left till graduation I am tired of you people treating me like crap ok what did I ever do I was nice to all of you until somebody came and told one stupid rumor about me and now you guys hate me shows you guys are some good friends I am done with this and you all can think of one thing ive done to you I would be delighted to hear what you have to say I said and walked into my dorm room

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