my bully niall horan

Heidi (hi-de) has been bullied by niall horan for a long time they use to be best friends what happened ? Heidi meets the rest of the boys she becomes friends and once they graduate from collage they hang out a lot . will Heidi forgive them? read what happens in the story!:)


3. is that her ?

Louis P.O.V  I was here to visit my mate niall I didn't know what room he was in so decided to ask some one I went over to a girl at the foutin she looked frightened "do I look that scary ?" I said to her she giggled a little bit but then looked frightened again im sorry if I frightened you love whats your name Heidi she said do I know you im not sure whats your name Louis oh um you nialls friend right right  how do you know niall oh wait you use to be his best friend yeah and now im just the kid he picks on are you kidding me niall cant shut up about you really that doesn't sound like him well niall has changed over the years tell me about it she said anyways love do you know what room hes in  ? unfortunattly yes hes in room 123 oh okay thanks heres my number call me anytime love ohay thanks she said wow ive never really met this girl that niall talked about is that relly her ?

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