my bully niall horan

Heidi (hi-de) has been bullied by niall horan for a long time they use to be best friends what happened ? Heidi meets the rest of the boys she becomes friends and once they graduate from collage they hang out a lot . will Heidi forgive them? read what happens in the story!:)



heidis P.O.V I was super tired when me and boo-bear came back to campus okay Heidi ill see you later he said alright bye I said back after that I dozed asleep peacefully 



I woke up to some one banging on my door I quickly got up and answered the door it was niall I tried to shut the door but his foot was in the way I kept trying to slam the door but he wouldn't take his foot out  I finally gave up and said what do you want I wanted to say im sorry about yesterday he said I get it you have a crush on me its cute and all but im not forgiving after all that you've done I said and slammed the door in his face im so done with him I heard whispers out-side of my door one girl said did that dork just reject niall horan omg he just asked her out gross one person said ugh I hate these people I got dressed and then I heard another knock I DONT LIKE YOU NIALL I shouted its Louis oh come in I said sup mini he said mini??? yeah that's your nickname oh its cute ok well you have toshow me around campus he said YOUR STAYING I shouted yeah is that a problem he said not at all that's amazing ok well come on we don't have all day



AUTHORS NOTE ok guys so what do you think so far im thinking I should delete it give me your thoughts WELL BYE MY CARROTS

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