On the Wrong Side of Right Street

Aaron Smith isn't any normal 16 year old dude....I mean, no normal teenage guy breaks out of a mental hospital, and definitely does NOT have strange, super-natural powers that have branded him for life as a weirdo. Suddenly, Aaron's world is turned upside down when his brother is mysteriously killed......... how far will Aaron go to find the murderer?


2. "Some people are better left to die."

As I ran and ran, sprinting from the evil fat ladies and balding men; I thought about what my parents, my family would think about my coming home. Their own mutant boy, who just broke out of what they thought was a secure mental hospital; They must be so proud. 

Suddenly, flashbacks came flooding back. All those terrible memories...all back to haunt me.

 I was blacking out...I couldn't move......a girl was rushing towards me, yelling, "CALL THE ER!!! CALL SOMEONE.....THIS GUY'S HEART JUST STOPPED BEATING!!!!"

But is was too late....

blackness was closing in..I could almost smell the withering scent of the run-down shack.

"Oh, Aaron, honey.......you came." A hoarse voice hissed. "Welcome to your death."


WHOAHHHHHH!!! Cliffhanger!!! Check back soon for the newest chapter!! Tell me what you think!!! :) 



BTW.......... @Katnip <3's 1D!!!! HAHAHAHA......I GOT YOU!!! HAHAHA!!!

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