On the Wrong Side of Right Street

Aaron Smith isn't any normal 16 year old dude....I mean, no normal teenage guy breaks out of a mental hospital, and definitely does NOT have strange, super-natural powers that have branded him for life as a weirdo. Suddenly, Aaron's world is turned upside down when his brother is mysteriously killed......... how far will Aaron go to find the murderer?


6. Me+you=trouble

I was rudely disturbed by a continuous poking. 

"Hi, hi, hi, hi, hello,hello, hello, hello, hola, hola, hola, hola-" 

I cut Stephanie off right there. "I can hear you." I grimaced.

"Well you spaced out, what was I supposed to do... watch you?" She whined back. My goodness, some people. What an attention hog. 

But my flashback made me think.... maybe I could get to the bottom of his murder. I wasn't going to let some delinquent ruin my only close family relationship. I, am going to be Sherlock Holmes. I, will find the criminal, and kick him in the balls SO HARD he's going to be singing soprano for a week. 

Am I violent? No. Just eager for revenge.

******************************************************* _scene change_************************************************************

As Stephanie and I walked through the town, I thought about how much the city has changed. It really is amazing how you thought you knew something so well, and it changes in the blink of an eye. 

We walked for a little while longer, when something in particular caught my eye.... a small park with little shops all lined up, and merchandise selling like hot-cakes. 

"Can we go? Can we, can we, can we, CAN WE?!" Stephanie whined. I swear, the girl is like a toddler sometimes. 

"Fine," I snap back. 

"Money?" She pouted like a little kid. I dug a few pounds out of my pocket. 

"Knock yourself out." I wink. She skipped away laughing. The kid's a menace. 

I strolled over to an empty park bench, and plopped down. 

"Nice outfit." Somebody said behind me. 

I yelped and lashed around quickly. Standing before me was the most attractive creature I have probably ever laid eyes on. He bit his lip and smirked a bit. He stuck out his hand. 


I reached over and shook his hand. "Aaron." 

"Mind if I sit?" 

I nodded. 

"You seem a little down." He pouted. "And I hate seeing someone so attractive so sad." 

I knew he was flirting. I just knew it, but I couldn't hold back. He traced his finger soothingly up my arm. 

I couldn't help but giggle a bit. This guy was pulling a total playbook scheme on me. 

"C'mon, I'll buy you a coffee." He said standing up. He gave me a hand and pulled me up. 

I was really starting to like this guy. 


TADAAAAAAAAA I added Cole because I wanted to, the end. 

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