On the Wrong Side of Right Street

Aaron Smith isn't any normal 16 year old dude....I mean, no normal teenage guy breaks out of a mental hospital, and definitely does NOT have strange, super-natural powers that have branded him for life as a weirdo. Suddenly, Aaron's world is turned upside down when his brother is mysteriously killed......... how far will Aaron go to find the murderer?


4. "Hey.... I know you."

I woke to the sound of hospital machines. I groaned in pain. 

"Shhhhh," A stunning girl whispered by my bedside. "Don't speak."

I squinted my eyes. That girl looked familiar. Really familiar. 

"Do I... know you?" I asked.

"It's me, Stephanie." The girl answered back.  "I went to your school before you went to London Mental Correction Facility, or LMCF."

"Stephanie Lebraun?" I choked. I had always had a serious crush on her. It was amazing she was actually here with me... I thought she hated me! "Why are you here?" I stumbled through my words. 

"Do you not want me here?" She gasped. "I could leave, if you want." 

"No, no, no, it's fine." I answered back, hoping she didn't get the wrong idea.  "What happened, anyway?" I asked, desperate to change the subject.

"You had some kind of mental breakdown attack thingy, I dunno." She rambled. "I wasn't really listening to what the doctor was saying cause there was a plate of donuts behind him; But  could go ask him or-"

"-Whoaa," My eyes widened in shock. I forgot this girl talked too much. She just goes on and on and on. 

"Sorry." She sighed. "I just thought you were gonna die or something." Her eyes watered up and she started sniffling. "I'm sorry."

She put her hand on my nightstand. "But.. There is one thing I have to tell you..." She started. "Your, erm, brother.... was killed." She breathed.

"HE WHAT??" I screamed. I couldn't believe this could happen. 

"I think one time is enough." She sniffed. 

The room started to spin and it was getting strangely warm... my brother... the memories of him all started to come together.


Tell me what you think, and @taylorswift13, that's how you come in. TADAAAA!!!!!!! Enjoy!






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