On the Wrong Side of Right Street

Aaron Smith isn't any normal 16 year old dude....I mean, no normal teenage guy breaks out of a mental hospital, and definitely does NOT have strange, super-natural powers that have branded him for life as a weirdo. Suddenly, Aaron's world is turned upside down when his brother is mysteriously killed......... how far will Aaron go to find the murderer?


5. Dorkly amazing

Author's note: HELLO CUPCAKES!!!! Did anyone notice.... I changed my picture????? ((((Eww excessive question marks))))) It's of Britney Spears on the x factor. *Rico's evil laugh* Ew, It's early, go away. EXCEPT NOT REALLY!!!!! I got like 3 hours of sleep cos I was watching the KATY PERRY MOVIE!!! She chews with her mouth open. OKAY, NOW READDDDDDD (The Secret life of bees, and this book)



"Hank!" I yelped. 

We were playing a game of hide-and-seek, and I had the "master plan" of hiding in our grouchy old neighbor's gigantic tree. Pfft, Hank would never find me there. Suddenly... I heard a tapping sound. It kept getting louder, and louder, and louder. 

"HANK!!!!!" I screamed frantically. "HELP!!!" 

 I slowly directed my eyes toward the ground. An unusually tall man was holding a chainsaw almost the size of me.

The tree started shaking like mad. 

"HANK!!!!!!" I screamed for my life.

I was so freaked out I peed my pants. Chainsaw dude really gave me some bad vibes. I heard a disgusting un-humanly crunch and made the mistake of looking down. The tree was cracking and slowly falling to the grass. 

The tree came crashing down and I went flying. 

Laughter came coming from behind a shrub. 

"H-h-hello?" I stammered.

No response.

"Hello?" I tried again.

Suddenly a person in a werewolf mask came out from behind a bush and grabbed me by my waist. The creature slowly took off the mask. 

"HANK??" I screamed.

He laughed hysterically as if it was the funniest thing to scare your eight year old brother. He ruffled my hair. "You, kid, are dorkly amazing." 


AWWWWWWWWWWW :3 I LOVE HANK SOOO MUCH!!! Is it possible to fall in love with one of your own characters?? Okay.....







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