Just an average girl..... who's family sings and dances everywhere. Who's friends embarrass you in public... who's teachers either think she's dumb or a genius.



3. Sleepy, Angie, HOMEWORK!!! >:(


Home and Sleep do mix, no sleep and school DO NOT

Coming home from school is always a nightmare.

I have to pick Angie up from her pre-school. But the teacher always stops me off, she's an old bat, she thinks I am the mother!!! And the old hag goes, " Angie has been biting the young people again, you MUST keep control of the little person, as the mother!". As if I would spawn such a weird little munchkin, sigh.

But anyway, when I get home, mostly Mum and Dad are getting ready for a kareoke night or whatever so I have to cook dinner. Maybe I AM the mother!!!  

Good GOD!!!

It's really annoying when Mum and Dad go out for the night, I am VERY responsible with my homework... ish so I sit on the sofa with my bucket of chicken wings and watch movies but Angie ALWAYS jumps on my lap with Ginger and screams!!! The only way to shut her up is to switch on " The Doobles Wild Escape " I swear whoever created that movie was high...

Around midnight when I finally get Angie to stop eating sugar covered marshmallows, I start on my homework, which, admittedly, is usually due the next day.

Thanks to the internet and copy and paste I get it done... Don't look at me like that!!! 

So I'm usually really tired at school sleeping at 5:00 in the morning does not agree with me. It doesn't help when I'm trying to flirt with James Hartwell because I kinda go,

"HEYYY James, Do you like...... oooohhhh housefly, you like eggs? I like eggs."

and at the point I start talking to my hand and fall asleep into my lunch 

I don't know if I will ever have a boyfriend if I snore when I talk to him... 

Maddie and Elisa say I should make up some better excuses for my homework so I can get some sleep at night but all the teachers have heard my excuses before.

My life is SO tragic.

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