Just an average girl..... who's family sings and dances everywhere. Who's friends embarrass you in public... who's teachers either think she's dumb or a genius.



2. School, URGHHHH


7th of May

Not much happened on the weekend, Angie did lick the cat and had to go to hospital in case she got tongue ticks and Maddie split up with her boyfriend. I don't even think he EXISTED. We never saw him or even knew his name, I think Maddie had just gotten fed up with lying to us and making fake details up.


School though, who doesn't hate it! Our form tutor is called Mr Woodcock, he's new here though so I think we can have a bit of fun with him...


SOOO funny! Mr Woodwilly takes us for French and we got to leave like half an hour early from class because he hadn't memorised the timetable. Careless of him but AWESOME for us!!! 

It was like:

ME: sir!

Mr Woodcock: Yes Emerald ( he sniggers at this, it's not my fault my parents are daft! ) 

ME: It's been ages since the bell went! You might not of heard it

Bobby Carson ( cool guy ) : Yeah sir it's screwed, ever since a teacher tried to fix it...

Mr Woodcock: Oh fine sorry Mes Enfants you can go...



Also, we found his Facebook account, SINGLE, BORN IN 1968 oh and his first name? Richard- Dick

Oh my god LAUGHING SO HARD right now!!!!!

But the rest of the day was really boring...

Homework now. English essay due next day NO ONE CARES ABOUT SHAKESPEARE'S BOTTOM







Oh Miss Evelin meant that guy from Midsummer Nights dream didn't she.

Scratch that. Got an essay to rewrite 

Ciao for now!

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