Just an average girl..... who's family sings and dances everywhere. Who's friends embarrass you in public... who's teachers either think she's dumb or a genius.



1. Lets start...


5th of May

Oh god...

I just woke up to the sound to dad's guitar, that can only mean one thing...


" GIVE IT UP DAD!!! " I shout back to my dad, burrowing my head into my pillow.

Mum, Dad... how do I explain them???

They sing, and dance it's their " passion " they say. It's their obsession, my sister is worse.

She is only, like, 2 years old and yet, she sits on their laps hugging/crushing our cat ( ginger ) and trying and failing to sing along every morning.

I swear Angie is mad she dresses Ginger up calling him Puddi and well, you don't want to know what else she does. Lets just say the poor kitty gets covered in milk and spaghetti.

Anyway, Mum got me this book because I kept nagging her, my best excuse was probably that my hormones will be kicking in soon so I need to channel my teenageyness.

But this isn't going to be like those other books and diaries that I tried to write when I was a little kid. I'm thirteen now, I'll do this properly this time... If Maddie, Elisa and I do actually run away though I might  not have time to write it though...




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