Would you miss me if i left? (Niall Horan Love Story)

Amy has had a hard life. Between being bullied at school and being abused by her father, she thinks leaving to be with her mother would help, right? Wrong. Her mother couldn't care less about her. Her school life is great, because she's famous on YouTube. What happens one day when she leaves her little town in Ireland to go to the X-factor and starts to fall for a sweet Irish boy named Niall? Will they be able to keep their love going between the hate, and one of Niall's friends trying to get with her, or will their love tumble, causing one to eave, and the other gone....forever? (This is in Amy's p.o.v just so you know. Enjoy)


1. The Begining

"Hey cow. What are you doing away from the pasture?" Kids taunted me. I lean up against my locker, sighing. ''Don't answer them, you'll make it worse than it already is.'' I said to myself. ''If that's possible.'' I look around and see that none of the kids are paying attention to me. Their looking down the hallway in awe. I sneak a peak and see my worst nightmare. Sara Malkermore. The most popular girl in school. I move over a few inches, because her lockers right next to mine. Perfect for her to torture me. She walks up and looks at me in disgust. Loudly she 'says' "Guys! Who let road kill in here?" Everyone laughs, except me. I stare at the ground while she applies her makeup. When I think she's gone, I open up my locker and grab my books. Then, while my hands still in the locker, someone slams it shut. I cry out in pain and fumble, trying to get the door open. When I succeed, my hand was swollen and turning purple. I look to see who it was and it was Shawn, Sara's boyfriend. He smirked and left with Sara. I slowly fell onto the floor, holding my hand. I decide to ditch class, and I go home. When I step into my home, my father shouts "Amy!! Is that you?? If it is get in here! NOW!!!" I slowly put my bag down and walk into the living room. My father is standing there, holding a belt. "What are you doing home from school? Cutting class again?" My father says, looking at me. I nod my head slowly, knowing what's about to happen. "Well, you know the routine." I nod  and walk up to my room, or what I like to call it, the abuse room. I wait in there, on my flimsy mattress. He comes in and tells me to turn around. I do as told. I wait silently. Then I feel the sting of a belt hitting into me, over and over again. I hold in my screams, because that's would make it worse. I turn around when he's done, where he punches me and slaps me in till my eye is swollen shut. I sit on the floor and cry silently, while no tears come out. I cant because my eye is swollen. I grab my phone and look at my contacts, where I only see hate. On Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. I decide im leaving to be with my mom. I know where she lives, and she wanted me to be with her the whole time. Maybe this is why she left him. I grab a duffel bag and throw all my clothes in there. I look under my mattress and grab all the money that's there. I counted it all and there's exactly $4,000 in it. I smile and shove that into my bag as well. I know im leaving in the morning, when my dads at work for 3 hours. I shove the bag under my bed and go into the bathroom. I look into the mirror and see the swelling is going down. I put on makeup, even though I know its going to come off in the morning. I lock my door, telling my dad im going to bed. I shut off the light and stare at the ceiling, thinking about tomorrow. My mind drifts off to school. I remember the hate, so I go into my bathroom, turn on the light, and close the  door. I stare at the razor sitting there, wanting to be used. I have never cut before. I take a deep, shaky breath and pick the razor up. I hold it to my skin, the cool medal calming me. I dig it into my skin and make a long line. I do this again and again, in till I have a total of 5 on each arm. I sit there for a while, looking at the blood on my tan skin. I wash it off and put bandages on them. I lay in bed, waiting for tomorrow. I soon fall into a deep and dreamless sleep.  

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