"Maybe A Dream dose come true"

Savannah, Amielee's BestFriend Puts them into a contest to win one direction tickets and V.I.P tickets, they win:) up one member will fall for her and will she fall for him:)


1. "WeWon"

(Savannah And Amielee Are Both 19)

I Looked at my Alaram Clock! Its 8:30 And school starts in 20 minutes. I Ran into the bathroom. i pulled out converse's blackJeans,and a monkey top

I Ran down staris. texting savannah telling her That i would be at her house now.

I Rushed out the door driving to savannah's when i got there she ran to the car .we drove to school, we were both nervous.

Because the head girl. is going to be telling the winners infront of the whole school.

We made our way into school, I Took all my books out of my locker and we walked to class! First of English.

We walked in Miss Walker was telling everyone that next period we have to go to the hall.

We walked into class room and sat down. Mrs walker roaring in our faces, i just laughed she told me to leave her classroom me and savannah.

when we left the class room. we walked around the school, it was huge

When the bell rang we ran to our lcokers put our bags in. I Said to savannah "If we win do you still have to stay in school". She Said "Well Yea. But If we win i'm going shopping".

We made our way to the hall. the head gil cleared her thorat.

"I Know you guys have been waiting for 3 weeks now but we finally have 2 lucky winners and the winners are". there was a long pause.


"Oh MY FCKIN GOD". I Replied. we walked up to the stage and recived our tickets and V.I.P Tickets

We Ran of and went to our lockers i grabbed my bag and we walked to my car. we went to the mall . we walked around for ages. when i found and outfit . CoolKidsDon'tDance. Top and black skinny jeans.Savannah Got jeans and i nialler top:)

When we got to my house i looked at the tickets the concerts couple of minutes away from here. like 20 minutes away.

Its for tomorrow at 4pm and we got an emial saying were the only people meeting them. i was shaking all day screaming i just couldnt believe i got tickets to one direction. to be fair. Only Zayn is following me. I've never ever texted him our anything. i just think he would hate me and i dont want him thinking im a joke. thinking i could just text him thinking im all cool.



(sorry its short so how do you think she likes) i give hints

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