Choose the World You See.~On Pause)

Penny and Vanessa love One Direction and when they meet a really nice cute guy.... they realise there is more than meets the eye and that he has a lot more to offer other than free lunches at Nandos...................


1. Life Is Full of Suprises

 Of all the things I've ever lost, I miss my mind the most,

Penny xxx

Penny’s P.O.V:

“Omgggg I love One direction!” I moaned leaning my head as I listened to ‘I Would’ with my purple SkullCandy headphones. My best friend shook me like an earthquake, “WHATTT???!” I didn’t mean to shout at her but she interrupted my happy peace. She frowned and pouted at me. “Look babe I'm sorry.” We were sitting in Nandos, Nessa, (Short for Vanessa) is my best friend and insisted we go there. “We might meet Niall Horan!” That’s how she convinced me when we were walking into town, I know we aren’t going to but whatever floats her boat I guess. I love One direction but not enough to stalk them, I respect their privacy. I shake my head at her from across the table as she frantically searches the fairly full restaurant for Niall.  I look out the windows, there's a group of fine lads outside, I don’t  have a boyfriend and never had one. I frowned, my friends impatient tone brings me back to reality, “Yo! Penny?!” Her voice usually squeaks when she's angry but I turn to see her looking up at the waiter, batting her eyelashes. Her flirt mode is on of course, “I'm so sorry for her, she goes off into her own little world sometimes.” She waves her hand at me making quotations in the air, whilst twirling locks of her hair around her index finger. I roll my eyes slowly and dramatically. The waiter chuckles at me, eyes twinkling. I glance up from under my eyelashes and realise he is actually really cute. I smile back as he finds himself repeating the same line, “Hi, I'm Darren and I will be your waiter for today. What can I get you two?” I was about to open my mouth to state that menus would be nice but then I saw Nessa hand him back the red leather thin plastic card. I start to panic for no reason and think of the most random thing at the top of my head. “Strawberry milkshake and plain chips!” I didn’t realise I blurted it out until Nessa sits there with her mouth hanging open giving me the annoyed and angry eyes. I gulp and add to my order, “Please?” He grins at me and turns to a fuming Nessa, “I'm Vanessa but my homies and peeps call me Nessa.” Of course her, being the attention seeker, practically threw herself out of our booth just to shake his hand. I sighed my hid my head in my folded arms on the table, then Darren chuckles and replies, “Am I mistaken or are you a drug dealer? I'm not sure its okay to have drug dealers in here, I think my manager said something about it.” I laughed so hard then and there that my stomach actually hurt, a lot. You could tell he was joking but Nessa didn’t realise it, it reflected on her mood. I glanced away from Darren's laughing face to her unimpressed look. She had suddenly turned so sour, Darren just stood there chuckling quietly while I wiped the tears away from my eyes....................       


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