Okay so, this is is my dream from last night. It was a good dream...I think. (Does not involve One Direction)


3. The Game

The game was going pretty well. It was almost half time and the boys were ahead 30-10. It was almost time for our dance. When the buzzer goes off, the score was 37-15. Time for our dance.

I cartwheeled into the middle of the gym floor while the others either ran out or did a few back hand springs. We got into formation and got ready to dance. Our dance was to a remix of the song Low by Flo Rida. I love cheerleading! I went to cheer camp althrough out elementary school. The music started and I was the flyer for the basket catch. So right when the music started, I was thrown up into the air, did two barrel roll twirls and landed in Kenzie, Lizzy, and Summers arms. We began to dance with the rest of the girls.

We end the dance with another basket. I do a kick and do a back hand spring off the court. I back into my place in line.

End Of The Game

When the game ended, the score was 62-25 Lincoln Lynx won! The pep band played the school song AGAIN and I danced to it this time. The song ended and I did a kick and we did a cheer. I headed to the locker room to get my bag, but stopped in my tracks, because I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist and pull me into a hug.

"And where might Skittles be headed off to so quickly?" Tyler asked. His nickname for me is Skittles. He gets mad at anyone who calls me Skittles. My best friend Kenzie (she was the one with Lizzy and Summer for the basket stunt) called me Skittles and he freaked out! He didn't start yelling or anything, he just used a really firm voice and hi voice got REALLY low. I also think he growled a bit too.

"I am going to the locker room to grab my bag," I say turing around and puting my arms around his neck, "If you let me go get my bag and you go get yours, and meet me out here in 2 minutes, I will stay down in Panaca for like, another hour or so."

"Okay," he says and he gives me a kiss on the cheek and heads to the boys locker room and I head to the girls.

In The Locker Room

I walk into the locker room and hear a bunch of 'awes.' I walk around the lockers and see Kenzie, Jana, Asia, and Thalia crowded around Thalias phone. It looked like they we watching a video. I walk over to them.

"Whatcha doing?" I ask.

"Just watching a video that I recorded of you and Tyler a couple minutes ago," Thalia said.

"Let me see!" I say as I grab her phone. I press play and watch. It's a video of Tyler and I like 5 minutes ago. It starts with Tyler wrapping his arms around me and ends with him giving me a kiss on the cheek and an 'awe' from Thalia.

"You're not going to put this on Facebook, are you?" I ask.

"I wasn't, until now!" she says grabbing her phone back ans going to Facebook.

"Well, you have fun, I gotta go meet Tyler in the gym," say as I grab my bag and go. Next thing  know, is I get a notification on my iPhone that I was tagged in a video by Thalia. I just shake my head and laugh while I walk into the gym.

"What are you laughing at?" Tyler asks walking over to me and setting his bag down and standing next to me.

"Just a video that Thalia just posted of us, check your phone," I say. He obeys and pulls out his iPhone and goes to Facebook. He sees it and laughs.

"What are you laughing at?" I ask and he shows me. He was laughing at all the comments. Most of them were like 'Awe so cute' or 'What a cute couple!' and things like that. I laugh, "You should totally say something like, 'Awe! What a cute couple! Oh wait! That's me!' that would be so funny!" He types it in and tags me. I get a notification and I like his comment then put my phone in my bag. He does the same.

"So, what are we going to do?" he asks.

"We could go on a walk?" I ask.

"Good idea, but where are we going to put our bags?" he asks.

"Umm...We could put our bags right inside the girls locker room door," I say.

"Which one and how would we get back into it?" he asks.

"The outside one, and we could use the wood block and prop it open just enough so we can open it when we get back?" I ask.

"Sounds like a plan!" he says. He grabs both of our bags and throws them over the same shoulder and grabs my hand. We walk hand in hand to the girls locker room out side door. We knock. Good thing Thalia was still in there or else we wouldn't have got in. He let go of my hand and set our bags down and reach inside of his bag to grab his phone, I did the same. We grab the wood block and put it in the door. I tell Thalia not to move the block. She said she wouldn't. I nod and we set off.

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