Okay so, this is is my dream from last night. It was a good dream...I think. (Does not involve One Direction)


1. Starting Out

I originally tried out for the JV basketball team. I guess they didn't have enough girls on the Varsity team. I don't know. Lori just asked Coach if she could have me on the Varsity team. I was one of the JV girls. Always started. Always jumped. Now I don't know if I'm going to even start this year.

At the end of last year, I made the Varsity cheer squad. I was really excited, because two of my best friends are trying out this year. (They are, as you might have guessed, a year younger than me) I got my uniform, pom poms, and shoes the week after I was informed that I had made the squad.

I tried out for the JV team and I made it. I already had basketball shoes from 8th grade, so that was taken care of. I also had my socks that I needed to wear, because of my braces on my ankles that I have to wear, I need socks that go to about the middle of my shin. One day at practice, Lori came in and asked to talk to Coach. Coach tolds us all to keep doing lay ups, so we did. They went outside and talked for a few minutes then came back in.

"Pack it up Em! You're gettingmoved onto a new team," Coach yelled to me from across the gym.

"You're on the Varsity team now Em!" Lori yelled at me. I ran over to the bleachers amd grabbed my bag and hustled to catch up to Lori. Since I was now on the Varsity team it wasn't that hard. We walked over to the main gym for the Varsity practice. Since the Varsity gets the main gym, the JV gets the auditorium. We walk in and the girls are working on their lay ups with Coach Katschke watching them.

Lori walks over to Coach Katschke and talks to him for a few seconds before yelling to the girls, "Okay, listen up! Everyone over here! As you all should know Kayla broke her finger and we need a replacement, so I brought in Emily as her replacement. All of you, should treat her like she is going to be on the team even after Kayla's finger heals, because she is!"

"Wait? So once Kayla is able to play, Emily is still going to be on the team?" Hannah asked.

"Yes, Hannah, Emily is going to be on the team even after Kayla's finger heals," Lori (Or now she is Coach Cheeney), "Any more questions?" She looks around seeing no hands then says, "Okay then. Emily put your bag on the bleachers and gilrs work on reverse lay ups. Right side!" I put my bag down on the bleachers then get in line to work on my reverse lay ups. That is how my Varsity basketball/cheerleading journy began....

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