Okay so, this is is my dream from last night. It was a good dream...I think. (Does not involve One Direction)


2. Almost Late

After about a month of practice Coach Cheeney and Coach Katschke decided to let me start one of the games. Kaylee jumped, Kourtney was point, Jaycee was a guard, and Elle and I were the posts. Kaylee jumps like a black girl (Not racism intended)! Not even kidding! She is a lot shorter than me and I'm 5' 7" she has to be like 5' 2" maybe? If you let her, she could probably jump like 20 feet in the air!

It got to half time and the score was 25-30 we are behind. We all went into the locker room and Coach Lori told Kourtney and I to start driving for lay ups and Elle to start picking off some three pointers. Jaycee was going to up, set a pick for Kourtney, so she could get by, Kaylee was going to set a pick for Elle so she would be out by the three point line and Kourtney would throw the ball to Ele then set a pick for me then I would go the block on the other side, get the ball ad go for a lay up. Sounds complicated, I know.

We went back out and switched hoops, and shot around a little bit before Coach Cheeney called us al back over. She told us the starters are in and that we were going to try the play. We went out and it was white's ball, so it was our ball. We did the play about three times, the n they caught on. I ended up throwing it to Elle more than eight times and got our score up to 55. We got about 20 points off of out of bounds plays too.

By the end of the game, the score was 63-40. We won. The pe band played the school song and I ran to the locker room to put my cheer uniform on.

One I got my uniform on and my hair fixed so it wasn't going everywhere, I grabbed my shoe (I only had one on) and pom poms and ran out the door. I took the back way, so I didn't have to go through the crowd. I wasn't watching where I was going so I ran into one of the Varsity basketball boys. It was Preston. He is like my big brother, just shorter than me. He picks me up and throws me over his shoulder and runs towards the boys locker room door. He opens the door and all the Varsity boys were changing so I covered my eyes with my pom poms and shoe.

He sets me down on the bench and says, "And where is our baby freshman going?"

"I am going to cheer you tards on!" I yell at him.

"You can look now, we all have our shorts on," Chandler says. I uncover my eyes and head towards the back door, but Preston stops me.

"Preston, let me go before I get in trouble!" I say.

"Not until you hug and say 'I love you' to your boyfriend!" he says pointing at Tyler. Tyler, my boyfriend, is a freshman like me and he made the Varsity basketball team, just like I did. I turn around. Right into Tyler. He gives me a bear hug and whispers I love you to me in my ear and I whisper it back. The other boys just wolf whistle or say awe. I ask Preston if  he would let me yet.

"You can go now. Just remember, you won't just be cheering us on, we're gunna cheer you on too!" he yells once I'm out  the door and headed to the door I was originallt headed towards. I walk in the door and put my shoe on and start to stretch.

"Where were you?!" my friends Thalia, Jana, and Asia say in unison.

"I got kidnappe...Again," I say.

"Preston?" Thalia asks.

"Yep," I say popping the 'P'. I finish stretching walk over to my spot in line. We make a spirit line at every boys Varsity game. I'm last in line, so I always say something silly to make the boys laugh.

"Let's meet the team!" the announcer says into the microphone. He announces Seth, Chandler, Ryan, and Derek, "Number one Preston Avery!" he announces. He runs down the middle of the line.

When he comes by, I say, "I'm gunna kill you for that! You almost made me late!" I say it loud enough so just he can hear it.

"I'd like to see you try!" he says as he runs off to shake the other coaches hand.

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