Liam's Twin Sister

Harmony, Liam's twin sister, goes on tour with the boys for a year, a lot happens in this...strange year, including a little romance between her and Hazza.


6. What's The Big Damn Deal?

I was getting ready to walk out the door when Harry stopped me. "Love wait," "What? Are you two going to stop screaming at each other?" I asked terribly annoyed. "If your brother would st-" He starts. "I'm out of here." I swing open the door and walk down the long and silent hallway. It was almost frightening. I walked down to the lobby and was immediately swamped by fans. I sneakily made my way towards the exit where I saw the rest of the boys. Zayn had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. I pulled it out, threw it on the ground, and stomped on it. "Damn cancer sticks." "Hey I could quit anytime." He says defensively. "Then quit today." I challenge. He sighs and hands the rest of his pack to me. I smile at him triumphantly and then I hear a cheeky laughter from behind me. I turn around and his green sparkling orbs and brown curls and most amazing smile are inches away from me.

"Hey Love." He speaks in his wonderful smooth accent. "Hi...I'm still mad." I say not smiling at him for once. "I know....forgive me?" He asks cheekily. He kisses my cheek and looks down at me. "I guess....Just..what's the big damn deal about us dating or whatever...I mean what's his problem?" I ask and speak of the devil, Liam comes standing right next to Harry. "So what's the problem with me dating him Liam? Seriously. I mean I'm 18 for god's sake, I'll do what I want." "I guess it's hard knowing everything he's done to his past girlfriends and I can't stand to see my sister stand the same fate and go through that." He says and looks protectively at me. "Liam I know you just want to protect me from everything but this is my choice. If it doesn't work out between me and Harry it's my own fault. You've got to let me live my life and let go Liam."

After our little talk, Liam understood and the whole situation was dropped. I was finally free now, Harry and I had nothing to worry about that would interfere with our relationship. We could finally do this and it would work. I was sure that it would work...right?

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