Liam's Twin Sister

Harmony, Liam's twin sister, goes on tour with the boys for a year, a lot happens in this...strange year, including a little romance between her and Hazza.


1. My First Night With The Lads.

Harmony started packing for her long trip with the boys. She couldn't wait to go on tour with her brother Liam and the rest of the crazy boys.

"Are you about ready yet?" Liam asked impatiently in the other room on his laptop. I had forgotten completely about packing because I was too busy staring at the poster of Harry on my wall. I threw my clothes in the bag and kissed his poster goodbye, soon I would be looking at the real Harry. I threw my bag at Liam  and he caught it. "Do you have enough stuff?" He asked. He packed up my stuff and his laptop then we were off. We met the boys at Nandos for dinner and of course Niall was eating everything in sight. "Niall, one of these days you're going to get yourself sick." I told him. He stuck his tongue out at me and continued eating. After we finished, we all piled into the tour bus. Of course the tour bus only had five beds, so I picked to share one with Harry. Harry couldn't stop smiling at that. "Harry, wipe that grin off your face. Don't try anything." I told him as he eyed my backside. Harry grabbed at my waist and laughed. Liam flashed him a protective glance and Harry stuck his tongue out at him. We all sat down and started a scary movie. I looked at Harry with pleading eyes that said, "Please don't let it be Insidious." He smirked at me and reveled the case and it was Insidious. "Dammit." I mumbled. "Harry you know I don't like that movie." I told him with stern eyes. He flashed a bright smile at me and stuck it in. He sat behind me and pulled me closer in his lap. The movie started and I flinched back into his lap. He grinned and held to my arms. It was about eight when the movie ended so we popped some popcorn and put in another movie. This one was a little bit more scary. "Sinister too? Really Harry? Zayn did you bring every scary movie known to man?" I asked him. I went further into his lap to where I could feel some things, and those things were huge. "Uhh...Harry..." I told him. He relaxed and I didn't feel it anymore. Most of the movie I spent flinching, while Harry laughed at the gore.

It was about ten and I was ready to get into bed. I made my way to Harry's little section of the tour bus and got dressed. I saw Harry eyeing me from the crack in the door as I took my shirt off. "Harry I can see you." I told him. I took off my pants and put on my night clothes. He opened the door as I got into the bed. I rolled towards the window and watched the snow fall. Harry came behind me and put his arm around my waist. "I'm so glad you came with your brother." He whispered in my ear. "Harry...?" I asked him with an expression on my face that said, "What the hell are you doing?" He kissed my head and rolled the other direction.

I couldn't sleep that night. The thing that kept me up was, did he actually like me? The boy I had been crushing on since Liam was on the X Factor with him and I just couldn't believe it. I just looked out the window, watching the snow pile up on the streets.

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